Double standard much......

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    Since the other forums opened I've been asking you, at Focus's request, not to take slams at them - lets both co-exist peacefully. I'm all for peaceful co-existence, so asked you all to be nice. And then Adam posts this scree:

    Adams Post

    I've politely replied, but still expect the reply to be deleted and my account banned, so I figured I'd save my reply for posterity here.

    I guess that their desire for peaceful co-existence is over, therefore so is the moratorium on discussing them - feel free to discuss.

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    @haitch And as predicted I'm banned and the post is hidden .............

  • @Haitch You are not banned, your post was in moderation. By the way, wasn't it you that started the fight?


  • @haitch On past Forum wars experience as well as the nasty attacks on individuals, we will soon, from one side or the other, see bans and deletion of links to content on the other Forum, and claims of content stealing.

    Thing is it's all too easy to scan back through posts from people who are now attacking Identity Verification and find them being highly supportive, even urging it to be mandatory.

    As to deletion of posts, well of course that would never happen over there.....

    All of which is such a waste of time energy and very confusing to newcomers. I hope this phase passes soon.


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    @RichBC Yeah, I've seen it before, but never as an admin. But wow, they ask me to play nice, then attack me like that, I was speechless when I read it.

  • This is getting absolutely pathetic... It's like watching a bunch of pre-teen girls argue over who is going to marry Justin Bieber...

    People need to start acting like adults and quit letting their little keyboard egos get the best of them... From both sides.... It is not unreasonable that people who sold assets to members update their members here rather than "forcing" them to go to another forum. Honestly if they can't do that at the request of the people who have given them the money then they have no business hanging onto that money and need to buy the shares from those people.

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    @DougLife I'd disagree on the both sides part, I've been trying to keep it civil, asked people here to not criticize them. Yes Focus and I have had a couple of public spats, but they were personal and not directly related to the sites.

    I do agree with you otherwise, selling several hundred million worth of Burst to this community then effectively abandoning them is unreasonable. It's why I wrote the "snake oil" posts, and have my assets up for sale.

  • @BurgerBaron lol you are so funny ... Let me see who started the fight

    alt text

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    @BurgerBaron Thanks to whoever unbanned me, but when I posted my account had a lovely little "Disabled" flag on it. And why was my post in moderation, when it wasn't when I posted it?

    As for me starting the fight, no i didn't. I posted objecting to your BurstNation mods selling over US$250,000 worth of assets to this community, then effectively giving us the finger saying you'll not be updating here anymore.

    Edit And apparently I've been re-banned .... make up your minds guys !!


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    This post is deleted!

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    edit This account just got banned for "negativity" as well. It's simply not permiyyed


  • My post there, I'm posting here..

    I don't know any of the back story of the original members being discussed and there is obviously a lot to know from other forums, threads, private conversations, friendships etc., I got into Burst a little bit back and so far, the last few weeks - I feel it's been nothing but a competition of who's dick is bigger. I don't know what or who is right. Frankly, I don't care. From reading both of the forums, it appears that both sides did and then again did not do, some really suspect shit. I "want to believe" that everyone had good intentions, but, I'm smart enough to realize that's not true. It's life. The assets being scammed, can absolutely happen. Easily. The forums being altered and PMs being read and not really private, can happen. Easily. The convos behind closed doors can be with good intentions or bad. I mean fuck, for all we know, this forum and all the "recent" PR pushes etc,. was created soley to pump up for alot of the heavy holders so they could just dump the bag - I doubt it, but every one will tell you, includint Adam above, it's crypto. It is what it is.. I guess my point is, I feel like the finger pointing or "We're the official one" "My dick is bigger and longer" "I'm a mod so therefore god" shit is ridiculous. Alot of these conversations should be had privately and not in the open where you detract from what you are trying to accomplish. A typical outsider whale, new person getting into crypto or even an average Joe isn't going to come in, see this bullshit and go - "I LOVE the drama, let me invest in the Jersey Shore of cryptocurrency! Go Snookie!!" At the end of the day, you want Burst to succeed, or you don't. If you don't then be open about it. If you do, cool, your dick is bigger then mine - Let's just get this money...

  • @haitch what did @teammpp say?

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    @stupendelious Just stirring shit. As I said in the chat box:

    "Had enough of the double standards. Their mods come over and cause crap while asking me to play nice and ask you guys to play nice. And then Adam launches his personal slam on me, and they ban me when I politely replied. Any of their Mods/Users coming over here and causing crap will have their posts deleted and accounts banned. If they want to be civil fine, but I'm done with being nice to them while they give me this crap."

    And as Adam himself said:

    "The rules of BURST NATION are very simple. There is no war, only respect and positivity. We do not run a free for all shit circus here and the matter is not up for discussion here since, in itself it reeks of negativity. A war means that two or more entities are at each other, we do not welcome any negative actions or disrespectful behavior here and anyone who comes here with that intention is banned on the spot. No further explanation or discussion or redemption needed."

    So I'm basically applying their rules to their members.

  • My post was disabled, even when another mod had replied and I get a note from Focus saying he disabled my comment and it needed to cool down.. very double standard ish.

    I'm just done with forums now, this is getting literally ridiculous.

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    @CryptoBuc You're always welcome here. Despite their claims, this is not a dystopian totalitarian site. The current situation is ridiculous, but it's not originating from here.

  • Everything I posted got disabled under the premise of "alot of new people here and we don't want to scare them of or have it be a war", which, cool - I agree. But why the thread in the first place then. Why complain about censorship and in the same thread, censor people. At this point, it's literally comical.

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    @CryptoBuc I got banned for violating non-posted rules, and my "negativity" in politely replying to a thread started by the site owner which threw shit at me. Their hypocrisy and double standards are jaw dropping

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    This post is deleted!

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    @burstman1 Yeah, applying his standards to his users who come over here. The locals here get a different set of rules - just like it goes over on your site.