So, I was walking the dog and had a thought...

  • To all those who might feel discouraged by the changing times...

    While walking the dog I had this thought:
    As our precious BurstCoin grows in adoption and evolves its' utility, we will be faced with many decisions. What's the best way to take part in this whole thing? Where do we feel comfortable making a contribution? The recent expression of desire to claim this ecosystem as one's own, has been apparent. Although this may scare some and spark outrage in others, we must remember that these are actually expressions of value in the curation that has occurred over time within our BurstCoin community. However dangerous the grasp of an individual may seem, remember, we all mean something to this system. Without that value we give to its' usefulness, its' potential, its' impact for the greater good, this thing we call Burst would be worthless.

    So, do not fret over the push and pull we may experience from time to time. Enjoy the ride for what it is and remember to be thankful for everything we have gained from our participation in this thing we call life 🙂


  • Yup I'm just gonna keep plugging away at my asset that's all I can do so might as well utilize my time productively