BurstGrow asset realeased!

  • I like your asset and wanted to do sth simmilar myself(although not as an asset but just for myself:P). Will definitely invest although I don't really like the escrow idea. It's kind of stupid for me to freeze 50% of investment as you could as well set your asset price to 5burst/asset and everybody would have their 50% in their wallet:P (I'm probably simply missing the point of it:P)

  • @Hyzi0 Thanks for taking the time to read it. That is needed because lately there where big scams and i need people to know i just wont run away with their burst . And i understand your point , but your as well missing something! This escrow thing is important even because burstcoin price may start rising and if it happens its good to have burst reserves. So its not exactly as if it was for 5 burst... Anyway this can be changed after a years time if most of the asset holders will want too.

  • Sure I froze some of my burst just in case it goes way up^^ Might as well invest it in escrowed assets^^

  • I thought this was 10 Burst per share but I am seeing 20 per share while trying to buy, what's happening?

  • admin

    @delords The initial offering sold out, and the whale is selling them at double the price.

  • @haitch WHATTT!!!!

  • @delords snoozee you loose... 😉

  • I read 15 days in the other thread and got too busy and carried away.

  • @delords wait for another batch it was only the first 50000 😉

  • Looks like I got in just before the whale 😃 Didn't expect it to sell that fast tho :o
    oO our whale just bough another 50k :o

  • @potkas said in BurstGrow asset realeased!:

    @delords wait for another batch it was only the first 50000 😉

    Please buzz me when it's time

  • @potkas You might want to increase price/asset otherwise our whale-man might buy everything 😛

  • @Hyzi0 i would like to sell it all on the same price ... But we will see ... but someone just bought bit less than half of all shares so i will have to think 🙂 . Anyway i have to wait for haitch to release the rest from escrow.

  • Update!
    Hi people. Wanted to update you all about the asset. It looks like the release price of the asset was a bit undervalued so the next bunch will sell on duble of the previous price! Its going to be on the market in few minutes so if you want to get some be quick . They arent going to stay there for long 😉 .

  • @potkas
    That is, you want to say that the sales price of the asset stated in the announcement is not true, and will change the way you want? In order not to lead people astray, you need to specify in the announcement that the price of the asset is not fixed...

  • @emcb Im sorry you see it like this. But its not true . I have got comments saying im selling it too cheap and that i should raise the price.. And if you check the market someone is already trying to sell for more, and there where as well people buying it for more. So it looks like i underpriced the asset as people are willing to pay more. In this case it is not good for the asset to try and push the price down by selling it on the same price as untyl now! I would sell undervalued, and its not healthy for the asset! So for now i had to rethink the price and start selling it for more. I was talking about it even with haitch to have an opinion of someone else too. And he just said the same to me. But look at it from the other side ! This way i will get a bit more burst and that means more dividends too. Of course the first buyers have an advantage but thats usual in all assets.

  • @potkas If so, then make your changes to the announcement.
    Write what the price of the asset is not fixed.

  • I ma ready and waiting, no reply and no market?

  • I noticed buy orders of 10 burst instead of 19.999, what price is it finally going for?

  • is the price really too cheap, or do you think that because ONE PERSON bought the entire stock? I don't think you can take this as a reason to double the price already. firstly because you don't have an estimated earnings-report here, so why should I invest double, if I don't even know what my initial investment would make?
    Secondly because you are feeding the whale by immediately doubling his money like this... Kudos for the whale for buying it all up again, he truly supports the burst community. but I think we are making it too easy for him and his endeavors to continue.