BurstGrow asset realeased!

  • @max Thanks for your opinion! I would not really like to use up escrow like that. The main reason behind doing this asset was to try and help burstcoin gain price. The plan is to do it by exchanging the larger part of the profit from lending back to burst. So the main income should be that! Even if i wont use the escrow and let it as it is. From time to time im going to sell some of the assets and move the burst to poloniex lending acc. If there is escrow i need to keep a smaller asset portfolio. if we use the escrow i will first grow the asset portfolio to atleast 1/3 of the value of the full asset. Just to be clear in case i would sell some assets and move the funds to poloniex. 90 % would be added to the bitcoins of the asset holders and 10 % would be added to my btc. So i think your against this idea. What about other people? Anyone? I would like to read some more comments on this. I got many people asking to use up the escrow before. Thats why i got this idea. If no one then the escrow will stay in place!

  • So this weeks dividends are sent now!

    Income from lending:0.00577226Btc
    Sent to wallet:4197-1BURST
    Income from mining and assets:2851BURST
    Income together:7047BURST
    Reinvested in to assets:705BURST-17 for last weak=688burst (SoCalsFarm/20) (CCM100/10) (402/41)my fault i set by accident fees to 20 so spent 60 on fees... i will have to take care next time... i will compensate the difference from my pocket 57 burst 🙂
    Total dividends paid:6342BURST+20=6362BURST-32fee=0.02532BURST/share
    this week was great for lending but i think next week it will be back to normal. Well we will see 😉 . Anyway enjoy and have a nice weekend!

  • So a bit of bad news to share now. 49-ers index is closing... we got a refund of 333.3 of it . as i got 200 for free and invested around 412 in to it we have lost a bit on this. I will not go in to calculations but the total loss wont be that bad! As it was paying dividends daily and yesterday as he announced closing the asset he made 2 larger as usual payouts totaling more than 15 burst i would say our total on this is between -30 to -80 burst. Hope it wont happen anymore! From the refund i bought :
    hsassets 4x87=348
    the extra 14.7 burst spent will be taken from the next payouts asset reinvest part!

  • Sorry guys that the payout is late but i have to wait until i get back the btc 🙂 . I made more than i expected and i had not enough at my wallet to pay the profits. 🙂 . So dont wory you will get it 😉

  • Finally this weeks dividends!

    Income from lending:0.01532751Btc
    Sent to wallet:7780.5-1BURST
    Income from mining and assets:2081BURST
    Income together:9861.5BURST
    Reinvested in to assets:986BURSTi will add later its already morning at here (04:11) i need some sleep before doing it 😛
    Total dividends paid8875.5BURST-33fee=0.03537BURST/share

    Last week i thought the next week wont be as good as it was! So i was wrong . And we are happy i did ! The price of Burst doubled, mining got only 2/3 of the last weeks performance but we got close to 3x that much from lending as last! Of course its not usual! Btc prices are moving much more as normally! Its sort of a panic at there but it helps us make more profit from lending! And of course btc will not crush... But this may help burst hold its price and may even keep growing ! So i wouldn't sell my burst just now 😉 .

  • so we got this assets : 2xcasino=938+1fee/2xSoCalsFarm=37.94+1fee/1xCCM100=7+1fee=985.94 BURST

  • Guys i did a mistake this week and i cant pay the dividends . I will pay next weekend sorry for that! I could pay as early as Tuesday if you wish but i think it will be better if i postpone it by a week. Just to clarify you will get a higher payout next week! The whole thing is that i reinvested the btc so i couldn't pay... But you wont lose anything! You will get it just a week later. If its a problem let me know and i do it tuesday!

  • Finally dividends!
    remember its for the last 2 weeks now!

    Income from lending:0.03043566Btc
    Sent to wallet:17034.5-1BURST
    Income from mining and assets:4246BURST
    Income together:21279.5BURST
    Reinvested in to assets:2128BURST i will add later what assets (Edit: -33 for transaction fees... my fault)
    Total dividends paid19151.5BURST-33fee(edit:fees deducted from reinvested)=0.076606BURST/share

  • assets bought this week 5x402=20+1 fee/40xCCM100=392+1fee/6xhsassets=516+1fee/20xbtcdragon=1200+1fee(btcdragon not yet shure but i believe i will get it shortly)

  • 20xbtcdragon=1200+1fee(btcdragon not yet shure but i believe i will get it shortly) so now we have them too . If you have a good idea of what assets should i invest in, share it with me here.
    So far we have this in the asset part:
    402 1'731.87575318
    btcdragon 20
    BURSTeam 14
    BURSTize 4
    BurstOcean 100
    casino 17
    CCM100 335
    HotPotato 39 Well we have them i dont care 🙂
    hsassets 10
    IBMining 14
    NEWS 206 dead asset
    qora 2'633 We got it for free
    RapidM 40
    SoCalsFarm 22
    TEKTONIKE 0.00000003 we got it for free
    WorldMine 10

  • Check out LEX4ALL and maybe up the BurstOcean...

  • Dividends time again! This week was below average for incomes. Lending was ok. Not so good but latelly it was above average so it feels litle low now. Especially because burst got a good week so we get less for the bitcoins! But on the end your burst is worth more so its not bad 😉 . Burst miner did an average job only this week. But still its not so bad all together! We are growing slowly so it will get better by the time !
    Income from lending:0.00531253Btc
    Sent to wallet:1898-1BURST
    Income from mining and assets:2180BURST
    Income together:4077BURST
    Reinvested in to assets:408BURST 16xBURSTize(13)=208+1 fee, 66x402(3)=198+1fee
    Total dividends paid:3669BURST-33fee=0.014544 BURST/share

  • So payout time again. It could be a bit better but unfortunately i had some problems with the internet at Saturday and today. Managed to repair it but mining was not working and lending only partly until i did. so here are the numbers for the last week:
    Income from lending:0.00489234Btc
    Sent to wallet:2159BURST
    Income from mining and assets:1655BURST
    Income together:3814BURST
    Reinvested in to assets:381BURST 190x402(2) as it is pretty undervalued in my opinion atm. I have spent all on it now. I have to buy it until its cheap 🙂
    Total dividends paid:3433BURST-35fee=0.013592BURST/share

    could be better but its not bad and it should improve by time!

  • Important notice! im planing to change a bit the way the asset reinvest and payout works. I will reinvest starting next weekend a larger portion of the BURST we get. To talk exactly i will spend 5% more on assets! This step will make sure the asset will grow faster! At least the part which holds the assets . This step in short term will reduce the dividends by 5% . On the other side it should make sure the portfolio held by the asset will grow faster and raise dividends in the future!
    It is not a drastic decrease in short term, but should make extra income in few weeks time! Actually it will raise the speed we can get new assets by 50%. Also from now on i will try to make better deals on the asset market. I will try to buy assets bit under the price and not straight away. Of course if i see the price on some assets is good to buy i wont wait and get it!

    The way it worked until now was :
    Lending income 25% reinvested and added to my personal btc 75% exchanged -5% for myself rest sent to the wallet.
    Mining and assets income and burst from lending: 10% reinvested in to new assets rest paid as dividends.

    The way it will work now:
    Lending income: 25% reinvested and added to my personal btc 75% exchanged -5% for myself rest sent to the wallet.
    Mining and assets income and burst from lending: 15% reinvested in to new assets rest paid as dividends.

    I know i said the changes will be announced at least 2 weeks in advance but this is not something drastic. As of the nature of this asset the payouts have large fluctuations in price anyway so i believe in short term you wont even feel the difference! For now if it will go like it does and nothing goes wrong. The divs next weekend thx to good lending up until now should be better as this week even getting this 5% extra shaved of it. But lets see how will the mining perform as its still a large enough portion of incomes!

    Comments/opinions/ideas are welcome! Feel free to comment!

  • Dividends again. Im a bit late with it because im busy but i hope you don't mind.
    Income from lending:0.00927812Btc
    Sent to wallet:3295BURST
    Income from mining and assets:2193BURST
    Income together:5488BURST
    Reinvested in to assets:823BURST(I will add what assets later)
    Total dividends paid:4665BURST-35fee=0.01852BURST/share

    I believe its not bad taking in to account that we reinvested 5 extra percent to assets and burst hit 0.00000200Btc against last weeks0.00000161btc so enjoy and i hope it will be even better next week!

  • So here are the assets we are trying to get this week! Some are already ours others we are trying to get under the current price!

    hsassets : Done
    Quantity: 2 Price: 89 BURST Total: 178 BURST
    BURSTize :Done
    Quantity: 10 Price: 11 BURST Total: 110 BURST
    Quantity: 10 Price: 23.998 BURST Total: 239.98 BURST
    Quantity: 2 Price: 60 BURST Total: 120 BURST
    Quantity: 50 Price: 3 BURST Total: 150 BURST
    CCM100 Done
    Quantity: 3 Price: 6.3 BURST Total: 18.9 BURST

  • sorry guys im going to do the payout tomorrow. i was out fishing today and im exhausted. it was a long day for me and i wouldnt really like to do some mistake. So i better let it for tomorrow.

  • So payout time!
    Income from lending:0.01946018Btc
    Exchanged:0.01459514Btc(233)-5%for myself
    Sent to wallet:5940-1BURST
    Income from mining and assets:607BURST
    Income together:6546BURST
    Reinvested in to assets:982BURST(hsasset/4x87=348+1,burstize/20x9=180+1,402/150x3=450+1)1 burst added to next weeks payout
    Total dividends paid:5564BURST-35fee=0.022116BURST/share

    So divs are out burst is even higher than last week wich is not the best for my asset, especially when the mining part under performs but its good news for burst community and the aim of this asset! lending was good so its better than last week 0.022116BURST/share and i hope next week will be good as well! sorry that its late this time but i was tired yesterday after a long day!

  • Important notice to asset holders!
    Guys the payment of the dividends will be stopped for aprox 1 month time ! (I still may have time in between to pay very sometime im just too busy so i cant say for sure)
    I cant give you an exact date now i simply don't have the time right now to do the calculations and i wouldn't like to mess up something so i have to do it! If i will find a bit of time i will pay.
    You have to know that you wont lose anything i will still have time to manage the asset except for 3-4 days in between the process so you will get your dividends paid in one piece when its done!
    The reason for this is that im in the process of moving! When i started the asset i informed haitch about this plan in advance! So you don't need to worry about your finances! Haitch already have my id verification and my new address too!
    The difference is only that i planed to only stop for a week but its much more mess with it than i thought it will be!
    You have to know that im not simply move by 1 street or a town im actually moving from 1 side of the EU to the other...
    Well im coming home after 10 years of working in ireland 🙂 . Hope you wont mind about that... if you have any questions please feel free to ask i will try to check in here from time to time .

  • Looks like today and tomorrow i will have time to do the dividends! So im just waiting on polo to get back some bitcoins and you will get paid today or tomorrow. But please understand that im really having hard time to organize my live now and i have to keep the asset running too 🙂 . So payouts will be really chaotic for few weeks now and may even stop. At the moment i spend most of my free time running the asset and if i will have extra time i do the divs. After this we will go back to normal its max 3 weeks from now . Of course burst price will have influence on the payouts as this is still a young asset and we are in the process of building up the asset holdings to stabilize the incomes! Of course we hold half of the value of the asset on escrow which means that the asset is still in great condition! To be honest probably in dollars worth more than 3x more as when we started . On start of the asset there where people asking whats the point in having it on escrow so now you can see it was a great decision! In dollars we have made a nice profit on it by now!