BurstGrow asset realeased!

  • @gibsalot yep sorry for that. So my update. The asset has hard times getting a reasonable incomes from its main income source for the past 2-3 months. Also i have spent some days in the hospital because of an epileptic atack the doctors said...(i have lost my driving licence for a minimum of 1 year...) But dont wory about the assets holdings. They are safe and growing slowly.

    The trouble is that the average lending rate for our bitcoin holdings decreased from the 0.0130-0.0160% range to average 0.0025-0.0035% . Actually at a point i was even close to exchange the bitcoins back and pay back but I decided to do some other strategies to get some extra income.

    Even the lending rate started to get better in the last 2-3 days. I planed to do a dividend payment on Christmas Eve and update you. Fortunately for you holding burst but in a very bad moment for me and our btc and other holdings. There was a burst price explosion recently and a great fall in btc price ... It did not influence the holdings of the asset (well not in the amount of btc held and not in burst held in dollars we have even more...) but to exchange our incomes for burst now, would be i think not so clever (They are in btc).

    On the other side i did invest from my part of our holdings to try and make some extra incomes which went great. But i wouldn't like to disclose them now. its nothing special, don't expect miracles but it will help to pay divies in the future...

    Shortly to update you about my plans for the asset. At the moment I'm not willing to exchange the incomes as it would mean to lose now a lot of burst and pay very expensive transaction fees. But i do not recommend to sell under price. Worst case scenario for you is to get back 50% meaning 5 burst per share. Well not exactly but you cant get payed back less than aprox 4.9 (a bit more) for sure! Even loosing everything except burst held... So even if selling. Dont do it for less. To pay back this low, there would need to be a disaster or the price of burst would need to reach the stars. Well its crypto so you cant say even about btc that it cant happen. But i believe it wont. Well not in the next 2-3 years.

    I believe btc will hit 20,000usd by the end of the year. Please be patient . I will just wait for a better time to pay dividends. And please remember that if i would pay back today only 5 burst per share . which i could do no problem . Your investment counted in fiat would be already payed back 6 fold. To be honest im even thinking to close the asset and pay back if a good opportunity will come around. But exchanging our btc now, would mean a great loss in the amount of burst. Anyways if there is a majority opinion off the asset owners to do it, i will start the process . Just let me know, you are free to voice your opinion in these forums.

  • @potkas
    I like the idea of closing the asset.
    But, really, now is not a good time.
    Maybe when bitcoin goes up and the price of Burst will be back around 0,000002 BTC/Burst

  • @emcb yep thanks for your opinion.

  • @potkas
    I think now is the time to close the asset and pay off its holders.

  • @haitch , do you have any contact details of @potkas?
    Perhaps now is the best time to return on investment, but the Issuer has ceased to appear on the forum.

  • @haitch This asset becomes like a Scam. What measures can you take to protect investors?

  • admin

    @emcb The asset market is currently an utter mess. I'd stop short of calling them all scams, they've just lost the ability to pay out meaningful dividends. My asset is based on the income from other assets, and it's barely able to payout. Mining assets have suffered from the reduced block payments, coins based on other mining efforts have suffered from the shrinking payouts on those coins. Most of these assets I consider failed rather than scams - but would like to hear from the operators of them to explain what happened.

  • @haitch Here it is quite another matter - the owner of the asset has ceased to communicate with investors.
    Fraudster he or not-it is required to find out.
    You have all his contact details. What can you do to resolve this issue?
    Also, I do not quite understand who now has the funds that were on the escrow (50%).

    If he continued the discussion with investors, as before, everything would be different.

  • admin

    @emcb I've emailed @potkas asking for an update. I'll update here depending on the response or lack of.

  • @haitch Thanks

  • @haitch Did you manage to contact @potkas ?

  • Sorry i have really not to much time to communicate.(This is my fault new jobb etc) The asset is activelly managed and im working on it so it still grows .Dividends are not payed for quite a while but it is being acumulatted and it will be payed. i will buy back the shares soon or pay all of the price as dividend soon. i have to decide the best way yet.. at the moment im mostly waiting for poloniex to return burst walett operations. as soon as that is done i will post here and update you all. Im not able to send the funds from poloniex back to the wallet because of Wallett isues announced by poloniex...
    The most likely case of what i will do is i will do the math post here and issue a buyback order at the same price for all burst grow assets. as thats the most fair i can do. Of course everyone who knows the asset must know it wont be the same amount in burst as burst went mad after i exchanged it for btc . but in fiat worth we have much more still. To answer your question i have all the burst on my walet from escrow. it is safe and intact. if you have any questions feel free to ask . Latelly i have a bit more of free time so i will be able to come here and answer mostly 1-2 times a weak.

  • @potkas
    Sorry, but the process seems to be too long. Do not you think so?

  • yup it is taking to long... Sorry my life is messed up... my fault .

  • But i was taking care of the funds so dont wory about that! but the time has come so for all of you i recommend removing burstgrowe asset sell and buy orders asap!!!! I will do a final payout to all who own the asset shortly after this mesage .aprox 1 hour to 3 days time ! im not sure i will have a lott of work to do. Best gues is in next 6 hours . Im not going to say you all gona be wery satisfied but i hope you wont say it was a fail.... Shure it could perform better but i believe after all the loses i was taking by investing in to scam assets that you wont regret you did invest in this one and not in a scam one. I hope you will be satisfied atleast bit. And this payout will be the last one ! The aset will be considered closed after it will happen please dont buy and sell it anymore!!!! if you have any question please feel free to ask!

  • Aset dividends sent just a secound ago with the starting amount of burst refunded as well to all owners . Please remove selling and buying orders and dont try to fool others as the aset is closed!!!! Enjoy your last dividends and i hope your not disapointed toomuch with the end result of this asset. Please keep in mind that the end result is a bit positive even after losses taken by scam assets we have invested in and after the escrow wich was not so cheap but was needed. Sorry for my lack of communication lately ! And please feel free to share your opinions at here !