An Appeal to Reason

  • Hello all,

    I know I know I'm a nobody but I'd just like to throw out my opinions/ideas concerning recent happenings.

    1. The Burst Nation Debacle - I can't speak much on this since most of what happened took place before I joined Burst so I can't comment but what I CAN say is I have been in crypto long enough to have seen this situation happen many times and many times it ended badly. I'm not asking for friendship or forgiveness or anything like that, just that we do NOT take shots at each other, they ignore us we ignore them live and let live kinda thing. If Devs/Admins/Prominent Community Members start having dick measuring contests the Market Makers dump and run because how could something run by people acting like children be a serious and profitable venture.

    2. The NEWS Asset Fiasco - I've seen stuff like this happen plenty in crypto as well somebody starts a project, pressure mounts, something goes awry, instead of communicating with investors the project lead either tries to cover up issues and gets caught or just cuts and runs fearing backlash. This is kinda on us as a whole guys, face it, the Internet, and ESPECIALLY crypto, is absolutely notorious for how quickly people turn on each other and for fierce backlash over small issues. So I understand why if something went wrong an overwhelmed project lead, fearing vicious backlash, would just cut and run then try and fix whatever went wrong. I am not saying that's OK by any means but it is understandable how it happens.

    3. The Verification Conundrum - I dunno why there's still discussion or blame regarding this since @haitch already posted an explicitly worded post stating that to advertise assets on THIS forum, which @haitch pays for, runs, and maintains, you MUST get ID Verified with @haitch. That doesn't mean EVERYONE wanting to release an asset needs to dox themselves but if you want to advertise it here on this forum, you have to be Verified. Regardless, @haitch is in no way shape or form responsible if you purchase an asset that turns out to be a scam. He can try to help after an asset has been positively identified as a scam but it's not his fault when/if scams get issued.

    Anyway just my 2 cents.

  • @socal I have to agree with you on all points there mate!!