After successful BlockChain download, paraphrase did not work and not sure what to do next, Add a Wallet or .........?

  • After the almost 24 hours of downloading the blockchain, I get the message of a new Burst account. I tried to title it out and it ask for the "Paraphrase". The phrase did not work with this new Burst account, it only works with the original Burst account. I am not understanding the new Burst account and how it relates to the BlockChain. How can I move forward from here? Any suggestions or start over. If so, what is the proper way to start over?

  • @davis Just close the wallet and then reopen it and sign in with the original passphrase that you had. The blockchain may have to re-sync but you should be fine.

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  • Thanks for the feedback FXALTareeq,

    After doing as suggested, I went to the Faucet to get a BurstCoin. It says "No Burst Sent, try in 19 minutes". I will wait the 19 minutes and try again. What is the protocal for having more than 1 wallet. Can I feed 1 Burstcoin per wallet, or 1 Burstcoin per day? Please advise, July 18th is around the corner, lol. Thanks, Thanks, Thanks for any powerful suggestions.

  • I saw the burst for 5 come into the recent transactions. I now don't see them after closing out and coming back in. Is this a unconfirmed transaction that wont show up until it is confirmed? Or did I mess something up by closing and coming back in? Please advise.

  • Question?
    When funding your account for the first time, you also need to include your public key, which is xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    What is the format of the final input?




    OR...............?.... Please advise

  • @davis
    Forget about that message. Just use your burst address as you normally would.


  • COOL,
    I am realizing I have to have a certain name for the mining folder and I also think I have some overlap.
    Should I just start from scratch or is the overlap error to be ignored?

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  • Thanks for the Warp Speed Response!!! Yeah!!