About payouts

  • Hi,

    I noticed since beginning of February that payouts (in my case) have decreased significantly. I'm not pretending at all this is due to this pool (noticed same on other pools), but I'm wondering if there would be some (external) explanation for his? Everybody on holiday? Serious increased mining difficulty? Too many big miners? ...

    I have approx. 14 TB plotted with XPlotter ( BURST-L5NY-94FE-AFHC-FVSQY ).

    Thanks for your input.

  • I think I read somewhere that every month the rewards drop, as if it were increasing difficulty in bitcoin

  • Yep i think its because of that as well. Im experiencing the same thing with rewards dropping. But as the network is growing you can expect this to happen. And another reason is the decreasing block reward. On other hand because of this the price of burst will increase too. So you are getting compensated for this happening.

  • It's really crazy...
    Before I mined with 7 TB (not even optimized!) and I had a daily payout of approx. 300 BURST.
    Now I'm mining with 14 optimized TB and I have a small 150 BURST at best per day.

    Can increased mining difficulty really have this significant impact? It's a bit a game changer honestly.

    For the moment I'm participating in an averaged sized pool (approx. 200 miners). Maybe I should go back again to a real large pool (800 miners or so). That way since we're more we will win more blocks and I will have more a piece of it.
    What would be best to arm yourself against this increased mining difficulty?

    Thanks for your input.

  • They drop 5% per month from what i remember

  • @SvenE Well something is not right with your plots i guess . You should check for overlapping . As im mining with 5.1Tb and im getting a daily average of around 130 . Sometimes its 90 sometimes even 300 or more but i think average would be somewhere around 130/day. So make sure to check your plot fails and look for overlapping.