Possible Bad Info

  • Re: Blockchain download never finishes

    Ok, I just saw an old reply to a post that goes against everything that I thought I knew about Crypto and Burst. It may be bad info, please let me know. Been having deep issues getting the AIO to sycn/download and decided to just d/l the DB file. I saw a comment that said that one DB would not work with a certain wallet.

    Its an old post and refers to wallets that are no longer used much, but that cannot be correct can it? The DB is the blockchain, the secure, link-hash-link ledger that the TX's are blocked in, encrypted, hacked/solved....blah..blah. If there are two different copies or more that are designed to sync with different wallet builds, that destroys the entire concept that Satoshi created and that explains the frequent forking issues. This is not right, right?

  • The blockchain will always be the same