Drive read times + cpu usage issues

  • Background - AIO xplotter, multiple different drives from 500gb to 3tb drives. 4x 3TB drives in Orico 4 bay USB 3.0 (only 1 fully plotted and 1 plotting, other 2 just idle on it waiting)

    The 3TB drive has read times of over 60 seconds at times and says its only using 25% of the cpu, and other times it has read times of 22ish seconds with cpu using 70%.

    Is there a reason for these fluctuations? Could it have something to do with plotting on the Orico?

  • @DougLife mining while plotting will have an effect on the read speed. The read times will be more consistent once the plotting is finished.

  • I find my drives couple are small but old and slow have far better read times when my cpu in under load.

    With all 6 drives mining without cpu load in is about 8sec when I have 100% load from cpu mining the top out at 4 4.5 secs.

  • @iKnow0 That is good to know. Thanks 🙂