ByteEMini - Important Update! Share Swap

  • Hello,

    Important update regarding this asset which I have maintained for over almost two years. I don't have time to put into the payments of dividends and the original idea was that this asset was a mini version of the ByteEnt asset at a ratio of 100/1.
    Not much trading takes place and the asset holders are pretty much constant holders so I've decided to swap over the ByteEMini assets for the actual ByteEnt asset on the same basis they were purchased 100/1.

    No more dividends will be paid by this asset. Asset holders need to transfer their ByteEMini assets to BURST-N8KB-DKKW-9C4W-AF289 where they will be exchanged for ByteEnt assets at a ratio of 100/1. If you don't have a round number transfer what you have and I'll round up your amount so you get the correct number of ByteEnt.