re: burst wallet

  • thank you to those who replied. i am still confused. but thank you for the suggestions. just need a link to those suggestions is all. otherwise, i'm following the info found.

  • admin

    @jacobts Where are you at with getting wallet running?

    Are you going to pool or solo mine ?

    Have you set yuor reward recipient to the pool you're on?

    What's your burst address ?

  • @haitch someone mentioned i did not need to download the wallet or blockchain to mine. BUT, that is what I did. I downloaded the wallet and if i could take a screenshot of my desktop wallet, you would see at the bottom right hand corner a little bar working that says, "Downloading Blockchain..." I left it running for days. I "clean up db" under HELP. So now I am "downloading blockchain" again all day.... I can't even sign up to mine or pick a pool . i keep getting errors....