How to know when mining is complete

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    I am extremely new to all this and trying to get my head round everything, I think i have done this right so far but not sure
    I have 3 plots on my disks, i have 2 on my D drive which is SSD, a 4GB to start my testing, a 10GB and on my HDD I have 294GB. So far I am just trying to test things to see if this is worth while.
    When i started the mining process (i'm part of the burst ninja pool) it asked me to select my D or G plots, i selected D but i dont know if the mining is doing all plots or just my D drive plots (the image i uploaded seems to show it's doing both, is this right?)

    also, i havent had any deadlines at the bottom of the screen - how do i get deadlines or why aren't they showing, i have read i need deadlines to do this properly....

    Also, when will i know that my mining is complete, do i get a message on screen or something?
    finally, if have a plot of say 294GB, does this mean that when all the blocks are processed my plot needs to be wiped and re-done, or do i just continue using the same plot forever?

    many thanks for any advice

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    The Client lists the found plots. It's is not a selection window. It always mines with all plots available.
    If you found a deadline it is like you have found your first Burstcoins. (You actually get a share of the next found block in the pool.) You will find your first good deadlines sooner or later - sooner with bigger plots - later with smaller plots. After 24 hours the pool will pay you out.

    You can add plots to the old ones, just by using the plotting window. You can use the plots forever.

  • Ahh ok, so the bigger the single plot file is the better my chances of getting a deadline?
    what exactly is a plot like to describe as analogy? is it something like a large area of land where there are hidden chunks of gold somewhere, and mining is like trying to find that gold? if that is the case, how can a bigger plot generate better odds/chances, or reduce time in finding it?

    trying to think of an analogy that i could understand to get my head around the concepts 🙂


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    See the mining process as a lottery. Every GB you plot and mine with is a lottery ticket. The more tickets you have, the higher the probability to win the lottery.

    Pools are like playing with a group of people. If you are closer to the win - you get a higher payout. Like having 5 numbers right out of 6.

    It is not important to have one single big plotfile or a bunch of smaller plotfiles. It's the same.

  • this is a good explanation, thank you for that.
    and the last thing - how do i actually know when my mining is completed, or does it just continue mining forever until i close the mining window?

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    Poolmining with Burst means you check around every 4 minutes 1/4096 of your plots for tickets numbers and send the best ticket to the pool.

    Solomining is sending your best ticket to the network to win the Jackpot.

    If you close the mining window you are not sending your ticket numbers anymore.

  • Hello. mind if i join? im just interested to learn more 🙂 so, in this case guys. The Higher specs of your pc & long period of time of mining is the key to win? how about super high storage capacity like 50TB, but only mines for 12hrs. which one will win?
    Example: 2TB Mining for 24hrs VS 50TB Mining for 6hrs.

  • @Trimac interesting question...

    1. (2 Tb * 24 hrs) / 24 hrs = 2 Tb/day
    2. (50 Tb * 6 hrs) / 24 hrs = 12.5 Tb/day

    seems, second variant is better.
    but we must remember reward distribution by pool (60% at now + 40% of history)

  • what the meaning of this line on my client?

    theres some line said "found DL", "sent DL" and "confirmed DL" is that mean i found some block?

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    @danslek You found a deadline that was within the pools acceptable limit, and the pool confirmed to your miner that it received it.

  • @haitch so that mean i got the block? sorry for the noob question.
    currently im just trying since i just know about brustcoin 2 days ago.

    i have 2tb seagate hdd, do u think its worth it to using it for mining? can i get around $1/day at least?

    thank you

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    @danslek You may or may not have won, the block, it's just the confirmation from the pool it received the DL. To see if your DL won, check with your pool site

  • @haitch ahh thank you!

    btw how bout my 2nd question?

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    @danslek If you already have the PC on, adding an additional drive is less than a penny/day. So yeah, add them.

  • @haitch so its not possible for $1/day i guess, cos if i can get $1/day i can buy another disk later cos i might need that drive

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    @danslek At current coin prices, 2TB will get you around $0.42/day, while costing less than a penny. If coin prices go up, $1/day is definitely possible.

  • @haitch thanks for the enlightenment 😃