• I have been mining on this pool for several months now, since I took down my own pool, however, the past week or so, ive noticed a drop off of payouts. Has anyone else noticed this or is it just me, or is there a change in rewards for amount given for finding blocks? Just curious because its been almost 2 days now since my last payout, and ive got almost 50TB there atm. Normally get 2 or 3 payouts a day!

  • admin

    @tomahawkeer There's been a glitch with payouts - if you look you'll see a lot of deferred/queued payouts - I'll clear the issue soon and you should see some healthy catch up payments.

  • Yeah after I started looking down the list of miners I saw some of those high numbers and figured something was going on.

  • Something else is definitely happened with this pool. My miners are now not showing up, however the miners are saying they are mining there just fine

    Ive not changed a configuration on either of my miners in months. Now they all of a sudden just dont show up. Very strange!

  • Now it's working fine, but for 2 or 3 days it was a disaster

  • Again is wrong.
    You have to find a solution and not just put burst.

    I see what happens in all ninja-type pool.
    In the others also happens (uray, lex pool) ???
    If only happens in the ninja will have to find someone who improves the code and if it happens at all, I wish you luck to the one who is looking for the solution.
    It hurts to be useless and unable to help more.

  • admin

    @Energy The pool is fine at the moment. It was backed up earlier (about 5 hours ago), due to orphaned blocks, but I sent 36K Burst over and it paid out and is up to date.

    The issue is not easily fixed in the pool code - the network forks, the pool believes it won the block so wants to pay out, if the fork lasts more than four blocks, then that orphaned block will be "confirmed" as won, and payment queued.

  • @haitch But could it be corrected in the pool code or is it a network problem ??

    If it can be solved in the code, I will look to find someone who can solve it

  • admin

    @Energy It's both. The pool isn't aware it's on a fork, so is trying to pay out on blocks mined while on the fork, but those funds don't really exist. The real question is what is causing the extended forks ?

  • @haitch OK thanks.

    I have a rented server that I'm not using and even though I have no idea of ​​java in linux I'm going to look for help and I dedicate it to do some tests