Petabyte unboxing!

  • This new video from Linus,will make your heart skip a beat! :))

    Just one more unrelated thought...let's say that burst coin get very popular,and get bigger price.How will little miners handle mining when BIG players came to the scene,with 10,50,100 of petabytes?No chance of mining anything then...just a thought........

  • @penzek

    Damn this Linus kid, I should have taken the job. Anyhow to address your concerns. The "small guy" always has a shot to win a block, you chance to win is represented by your plot size divided by the total network size for each block. So for example if you have 1TB and there is currently 10PB on the network your chance of winning any block is .001%, Sounds like a damn long shot but did you see the Android miner that won a block? I also have a smaller rig, less than 2TB and it's won many blocks. Don't ever get discouraged, it's like getting lottery tickets except you don't have to pay for them.


    PS> I just shipped a 1/2PB NetApp E5600 damn that thing was sexy, 5RU total (thats about 8" tall) had eight configurable ports that ran in either 1GB iSCSI or 8GB Fibre Channel

  • @penzek Another thing to keep in mind is that huge amounts of drives are a real pain putting up together, plotting, optimizing and all. And that HDDs' capacity is rising every year. Overall, network decentralization is working very well so far with the Proof of Capacity algo (, mainly because everyone can start mining without any initial investment, just by plugging in disk drives they already have. But as with every investment, those who put more money for mining get more money in return 🙂

  • premiums nightmare LOL