Wallet problems

  • Hi there folks im kinda new to all this hdd mining and im not sure if i had saved it or not on my second computer as added account to burst program
    It has been activated and funds transfured from my account to my main account have records showing burst id but when i went to log in to my second account on my miner pc the burst id had changed and i have no funds
    but before this had happen my funds in the account was missing its only 2 burst coins but not the point
    im not sure if the contact email would be a problem being the same in saved contacts as it is on the same ip address mining from 2 burst programs.

    Please help getting this account back

  • admin

    @aussiegwapo The account number will only change if you've entered a different passphrase - a leading or trailing space for example.

  • @haitch Hi haitch i did notice that even when i removed the trailing space from the end the account still log in as the new burst account
    is there a way to get back BURST-NSLZ-68UY-WDTL-CS3TR this account
    but still doesnt explain why there was 2 burst missing from my account when i woke up this morning

  • admin

    @aussiegwapo according to http://burstcoin.biz/address/12386086592612819551 there is still 2 Burst in there. Are you using a local wallet or online wallet ?

  • @haitch i have tried both local and online wallets both redirect me to the new burst account witch has changed from BURST-NSLZ-68UY-WDTL-CS3TR to this account now BURST-BDXJ-QS4L-HQQ6-3PZZU
    still trying to figure it out was still logged in to BURST-NSLZ-68UY-WDTL-CS3TR when i when to bed but when i got up and had a look to see if i had any earning this account was there BURST-BDXJ-QS4L-HQQ6-3PZZU as i did say i resigned in and account had changed cant resign mining pool account due to no funds

  • admin

    @aussiegwapo If it's going to a different account, it's a difference passphrase, the passphrase is hashed to determine the account, one pass phrase can't hash to two account.

  • @haitch that is correct as you say, but the new id with old passphrase dosnt explain why i have new id using my passphrase when i have it highlighted and loged in but i was still waking up to a coffee didnt notice the new id. and for the life of me it wont sign me in to the account that still has funds in it as i sent funds to that account was waiting for it to clear so i could change my mining pool to burst-team

  • admin

    @aussiegwapo the other account has a passphrase that is somehow different from the one you're you've got now. Given it's 2 Burst we're talking about, I'd call the other one lost, and get some Burst from the faucet to fund it: faucet.burstcoin.info

  • @haitch i have to wait till the clocks count down to reload burst to it as i have noticed and great idea ip log to stop people from over loading burst to different accounts

  • @haitch thank you for you help and support haitch i have manage to get back in to the account stupid me was missing to words from passphrase. still trying to work out how it happen when it was still logged in to the main account so i have made notes for future