What the actual f*ck

  • So yes I'm using the forums to vent and what not, hey this is the off topic section so why not.

    So been home for almost four months and STILL no damn job prospects. I just spent the last three hours blasting out applications to some random ass jobs, asst manager, sales rep, driver, etc so wish me luck.

    My question is (and this really only applies to my stateside homies) is/has anyone else had this much trouble looking for employment recently? If so any tips for corrective actions to take (besides robbing a bank lol)

  • @socal Only 4 months ??? I earn you for 20 months.

    With 44 years I had to return home, thank goodness that I remain single without children and my mother widow can afford to help me

  • @Energy damn dude yeah it sucks everywhere and I'm not so lucky (or I'm very lucky? Depends how you look at it lol) I have a fiancee and two kids so it's kinda critical if it was just me than I could crash on a friend's/family members couch and only deal with minimal responsibilities like making sure that only I don't die. Now I have a whole family to worry about...

  • @socal Jesus it can't be that crap in the US....or is it only in your state?

  • lol could be worse. you could have whats happened to me. albeit with my experience i could probably get a job anywhere.

    keep your head up and keep looking. you will find one eventually. persistence is key

  • @socal Yours is worse.
    I explain, as I say I have no wife or children and over the years I have managed to leave all the vices, including tobacco, so with a place to sleep and having food I go shooting, I just have to be careful to spend I have saved it in case worse times come.

    I am not from the US I am from Spain, and here the bad thing is that as a construction worker and with the age that I have and the crisis there is left for me to finish the younger people to hire the people of my age

  • @Ip85 no it really is that shitty in the US, I was shielded from most of it because I was in the Army so didn't have to worry about the civilian job market, now I'm a civilian and I'm getting FUCKED lol

  • Germany is not much better. At my age 52 with Computer and electronic experience my only option for working is with a man power type company. But it wont be technical work something like production line work. Part of my problem is that I am not German so that didint help out much. Eventually I became disabled but thats another story.

  • @tross yeah seems to be a common theme, I have a total of ten years IT experience and 7 years management experience and I am only 28 and I STILL am having trouble finding a job.

  • We are in the era of modern slavery. Big companies are getting bigger, the rich getting richer and the others in many cases if we work is for salaries that do not come to live.

    On the other hand, while the technological advance is good for many things, for work is bad, of course makes things easier, but whereas before it takes 100 workers to make a house today with half or less the house is made and in less time

  • I guess it's just because I'm poor but I have an intense hatred for the rich. Minus a few lucky lottery winners I have NEVER met a rich person that made their money legally/ethically. Rich people with souls are like fucking unicorns. They don't fucking exist.

    I know there a trillion and one issues with this but my simplistic and knee jerk reaction to fix the wealth distribution is confiscation of the top 1%s assets above $10 million per immediate family member (I.e. everyone in the Koch, Vanderbilt's, Gates, Walton, etc families only get $10 million per person per year) and anyone who makes over $10 million a year all income over ten million is taxed 100% oh yeah and all the tax havens for corporations would be gone and any company trying to do business inside the US without utilizing US resources and labor would face massive economic reprisals if not nationalization so say good bye to all those pieces of poor quality cheaply made Chinese crap.

    Yes yes yes I know that isn't feasible or even remotely "free market" but it still makes me feel better to fantasize about trying everyone on wall street for treason and crimes against humanity

  • @Socal as much as I hate to say it veterans are looked at in a much different light these days. Even with the experience in the IT industry they look at you as almost an outcast. It sucks, it's wrong, but that is how things have shaped up in today's America.... I'm in the same boat.

    I haven't been in the job market for about 5-6 years now (since I EAS'ed) but I would think that with your resume you shouldn't have much issue getting your foot in the door. Without knowing you or anything about your job search my first thought would be that something might be off with your resume. If you aren't even getting call backs that seems like a reasonable starting point. Maybe look into whatever veteran services are available to you in terms of that?

    If things really get bad and you find yourself in a crunch there are plenty of other services that help out.

  • @socal I am now unemployable for years, no job, no pension, basically without crypto am f*cked totally.. Hubby been out of work on and off for 12 years, welcome to the shadow economy..Sorry to hear this and totally feel you my Bro. In Canada I was getting cans and bottled from garbage cans for months on end to sell at recycling plant just to eat..so called Western lifestyle..for many of us it's over..in Crypto is our only hope now..

  • Since pretty much everyone is going to college straight out of high school because student loans are so easy to get (that's a whole other topic) and it's just expected that everyone has a degree, I believe there is a huge surplus of labor for "white collar" jobs and companies just hire cheap recent graduates that have a high drive to succeed because they know there's a lot of competition.
    Did you get a degree through the army? Or just experience? Unfortunately a lot of companies prefer degrees over experience. Which is bullshit in my opinion, but just kind of how it is.

    The upside to that is that many trade/"blue collar" jobs are in high demand and pay very well because the kids today don't want to actually put in any real work. I'm not sure if that directly helps you out, but there might be places you can put your skills to work that you haven't considered yet.

  • I am 31 years with degree from biology, geography and soil science. Before you say anything they were a "hobby studies" which I enjoyed very much. Unfortunately is is hard to get a job after that if you don't want to be the teacher. So I emigrated to UK 4 years ago and I can't complain. During the day I work as a supervisor in distribution centre close to London and at night I am bursting and thinking what sort of asset I could create which would utilise my skills. Anyhow it nice to see more private day by day issues of this fine community and not only assets and plotting:)

  • @socal I am currently looking for employment as well. Same thing, posting, getting interviews, waiting, and waiting. Still no luck yet but I'm not going to stop. It's frustrating at times but we can't give up!

    the advice I would give is to have someone look at your resume and cover letter. I'm no expert so I had a family friend look at mine. She gave me some pointers and I now get more interviews than before. There are online resources to help you out in this area if you need some.

    As far as the military folks being outcasted. That might be true in some areas however San Diego, is very pro-military. So, I'm confused that you live in the SoCal area and are having a hard time finding work.

    Check your resume and practice answering questions.

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  • ​the same shit! πŸ™‚
    Avg salary - 300$/month
    Avg pension ~150$/month
    But we happy )))

  • @Blago The same in Poland πŸ˜‰

  • @Blago said in What the actual f*ck:

    ​the same shit! πŸ™‚
    But we happy )))

    Isn't Vodka cheaper than bottled water? I would be happy too, just buy me a giant jar of olives.


  • @socalguy no I'm not in SoCal I'm in Louisiana, but I am from SoCal