German Webdeveloper could be hired for burst

  • Hey all out there.
    I'm building websites and games since 2005 and now I tested a bit with burst.

    Now I think it's time to get some new interesting projects here with or without burst.

    What is possible:
    HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, NodeJS, RedBeanPHP, Twig, PHP, MySQL

    Wordpress ... yes but not really like it
    Symfony2 .... yes but not really worked with it for 2 years have to look for it if needed

    AndroidAPPs with Flash+Air or JavaScript with Crosswalk

    Normal Websites, Community, Webservers, Games (Casual and Gambling)

  • admin

    Hi @FlashRevolution,

    there is a long lists of improvements a web developer has to take care of regarding the Burst Wallet. Minor and bigger things. You can contact me about it.

    I recommend you to actually do some improvements first, show them to us (as screenshots or video) and then kick off a Crowdfund afterwards to collect a reward for each improvement. Then release it.

  • Just thought I would pop in here and say FlashRevolution is a awesome coder, he is the main coding force behind BTCDragon Casino, He is great to work with, has the knowledge and if he doesnt, he works it out, extremely talented and would recommend him to anyone, i have seen someof his other projects A+++ and spent may hours talking working thru problems and , YES he gets it done!!

  • @FlashRevolution Welcome to Burst world 🙂

  • Burst welcomes you and your skills 🙂