Android mining

  • Hi all,
    I'm new to burstcoin n mining. Just a few days ago I plotted 30 Gb n started mining on my phone. I'm wondering why I'm always receiving my reward 0+1 frequently in my wallet. So far only received once wth 1.07.... burst.

    At this rate, I'm losing more coins then gaining, through mining. It doesn't made sense to me. Someone pls advice. Thks!

  • admin

    @Samk You should frequently be getting those 0+1, that sounds like you're doing a mining reward assignment request repeatedly - it only needs to be done once.

  • @haitch

    Thks buddy, I guess I knew what u meant. Thks so much for your prompt reply. Appreciated.
    I monitor n see how it goes.
    Hv a nice days. Happy Bursing.

  • Yeah you should only have to set your reward assignment once.....Might want to keep an eye on it....

  • @socal

    Noted n TQ. Happy bursting!

  • only time I heard of multiple 0 burst transactions that the owner did not initiate was the rootkit that the Surf Bar had hidden in it but thats only for desktop computers I believe but keep an eye on it anyway maybe even set up a whole new account if you are extra paranoid lol