Security tools free online tools

  • windows xp onwards, file and printer sharing can expose your machine online supplying opportunity for script kiddies to mess with your disks.
    If you do not use these services you should switch them off in network settings for piece of mind.
    I found ports open in relation to it expecting full stealth online with a free port scanner after Biago miner and jminer were crashing at one stage recently prompting me to start a new wallet.
    There is a port scanner at this site that will tell you if you have open ports. You should be completely stealth to stay quiet and secure online.
    Linux and Windows are both targets and this site has alot of small tools as well as his hard disk regenerating tool; Spinrite for when bad clusters appear.
    This site has been around since the windows 98 days i have relied on it faithfully to protect my arse. Hope it helps everyone get piece of mind 🙂

    this site also has various free tools and services that can greatly harden your mining operations.

  • Looked interesting! Thank you for the info.