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  • Hi Guys

    whats going on with the online wallets.

    i put in a buy order for some assets this morning. its still waiting to be confirmed and due to it still being unconfirmed. my buy wasn't filled and all the assets sold out.

    this is quite frustrating as now if i wanted to buy these assets i would have to pay double.

    the network observer is saying its not forked however my asset order is still pending.

    this is the last time ill use the burst-team.us wallets for anything remotely important

    they just cannot be relied on

  • admin

    Hi Lex,

    this whole project has a decentralized approach. Everybody can and should have its own access to the network with a local wallet and be independent of a third party.

    You are relying here on a third party wallet although you have the skills to run one your own. Then you complain about it not being reliable.

    What you have experienced can also happen with a local wallet too. The ninja pool is bigger than it should be and sometimes forcing the whole network on its chain. Old code and big size can be the reason. Ninja could use your pool code to improve the situation...


  • @Lexicon I stopped using the burst-team.us wallet about a week ago for the same reasons, transferring burst wasn't transferring. Use one of the wallets from Nation if you can't use a local version, they work right away there ^_^

    @daWallet the local windows wallet get as stuck as the one here, that's why some of us need to relay to a third party wallet (at least me). Not sure if it has to do with ninja, the wallets at nation don't experience this problem, at least they haven't for now.

  • admin

    @Zeus I think the nation online wallet will or do have the same problem. The wallets are running all fine but when the biggest pool wins three blocks in a row on its own chain it forces the whole network to abandon their own version of the chain. This is totally normal and causes transactions in limbo you are experiencing.

    "they haven't for now" - is the case. It is a matter of probability.

  • we should get more options in the aio wallet i think. give users a dropdown perhaps for online wallets so they can choose from the list. this way they can at least have the option to choose lol.

    im unsure whats going on with the network currently but from what ive noticed after watching the observer for a day is all of the burst-team wallets fork at the same time. and a lot of the pools that run ninja code fork aswell. e.g. pool.burstcoin.biz, pool.burstcoin.eu, pool.burst-team.us, pool.burstcoin.party

    also when these fork. the other pools pool.burstmining.club, burst.lexitoshi.uk, burstpool.ddns.net, burst.ninja, pool.burstcoin.ml:8020 and the nation wallets dont fork.

  • admin

    @Lexicon The other pools do fork as well, if you look at Ninja's payout's there are a lot of Queued payments - these are payments for blocks mined on a fork. The pool want's to pay them out, but because they were mined on a fork, it doesn't have the funds to pay them.

  • @haitch 0_1487343712762_upload-7da372bc-42c7-4150-9017-416d5dcff1c5

    here we go again. looks like its forking season

  • admin

    @Lexicon Yeah, Adam is raining again and it messes with the pools.

  • @haitch im really confused as to why when shitloads of transactions go through the blockchain it forks a good amount of the pools/wallets out there.

    im guessing theres some sort of bug causing this to happen. there is definitely a trend

  • admin

    @Lexicon I don't know sorry - I'm guessing all the transactions being processed and rebroadcast interferes with mining updates. This causes nodes not to be able to talk to each other, and different chains to form - causing the forks. Then when the traffic dies down, each chain talks to the others, and one becomes the winner - leaving the others with orphan blocks.

  • This is bad, it's only the beginning of Burst, a single account can make the blockchain to fork just because of raining? Also, why this doesn't cause any trouble at burstminingpool, nor nation wallets?

  • admin

    @Zeus It's hit miningpool and ninja. I assume the nation wallets are all sitting on a lan - so more bandwidth than everyone else, and at least one of them is generating the rain. Edit Or not - see below.

  • @haitch its actually my laptop generating the rain in the uk i wrote the script

    ran through a local wallet

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