Burst.ninja is getting too big

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    hey guys,

    the last weeks the ninja pool is growing significantly again and causing side effects on the blockchain. Side effects are stuck unconfirmed transaction that can happen to any of us and causing big losses. (see: https://forums.burst-team.us/topic/3963/burst-online-wallet )

    The reason for that is ninja having around 40% mining power.

    There is no advantage mining on the biggest pool but only disadvantages for us all.

    Please spread out to other pools or mine solo.

    @RiskyFire @Han-Solo @ccminer @RichBC @iKnow0 and others.

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    I picked you guys because I know you are active here and listening. Nothing personal.

    It is crowetic's pool and we have our experience talking to him about this subject. He won't increase the fee for the greater good.

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  • I use ninja because they seem to be the best in terms of reliability. Why else would I use a pool that charges 2.0% if I could go to a pool that charged 0.5%? I was on EU for awhile, they were always stuck. I can do that solo mining. I use Ninja for reliability. If someone could tell me there are just as reliable pools, I would move.

  • ive always said its better to spread out. i think i posted on a topic yesterday explaining the problem where miners just choose the biggest pools. its not good for the network because each pool is a node. and burstcoin needs nodes for a good stable network.

    shoving all the egg's in one basket gives that node far to much power over the network crippling all the other nodes.

    an ideal solution would be to remove the other pools from all lists for a while so the smaller ones catch up. that would at least help ease the load and spread the network out.

    my pool forked last night for a few hours but its pretty stable. before last night the last time it forked was a few months ago. if anyone wants to join us there your welcome. ill be implementing some bootstrap this weekend to improve the UI as users get confused.

    the link to the pool is at burst.lexitoshi.uk
    port: 8124
    Recipient: BURST-F3XD-Y4M5-SN8C-G9FFJ

  • I do not know if you remember that in bitcoin the same thing happened, some of the big Chinese pools were dedicated to buy others pool so to divide the operations and not to reach the 52%

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    @Lexicon "so much power over the network crippling all the other nodes" also includes the nodes of the exchanges. So people, you can't complain about withdrawals / deposit being stuck and stay on the biggest or second biggest pools.

  • Some big miners needed here: pool.burstcoin.ml:8020

  • @daWallet I always prefer to understand why 🙂 Can you please explain why having too much mining power on one Pool Cripples the Network? I am also certain that the wet weather we have been having recently is playing a part in the problems with deposits & withdrawals?

    I mine on ninja only because of all the Pools I have tried it is by far the most reliable in terms of confirmations, up time and lack of forks etc.

    Finally can you point me to where I can see what % of the network each Pool has to help me to decide, what if anything to do?

    Thanks Rich

  • The problem is when big miners come to my pool the testing process is not fair. I had someone visit with 90tb and was doing pretty good but it was when everyone was forking and not a normal mining day. I was forked today for 2 hours and I have never seen that before. He or she left.
    Why can we set total tb caps on the pools? Make them spread out! Dev's been asking since the other ninja clones started "Please spread the tb out" but look what happening.

    People want to make money. Large miner invested a lot so they want break even too. Lexicon did so much work fixing uray's code! It is just as reliable as any pool code. If the large miners would spread out in groups to the other pools they would earn the same. But If one large miner is sitting at a small pool of leeches then they wont earn as much. That why I like a pool capacity cap!

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    Well, the nodes all race to have the best deadline each block but sometimes two nodes have a fairly close deadline. This is totally normal and happens on all blockchains. Now the propagation is important and one part of the network accepts A as a winner and the other part of the network accepts B as the winner. We have two chains for a moment, which is also happening once in a while. Still no problem.

    Which Chain actually will be considered by all nodes as the main chain is the one which finds more blocks in shorter time. The longer chain wins.

    Now imagine Ninja wins 5 blocks in a row. The first block was fairly close and the whole network is on chain A and ninja and a few others are on chain B. People using mainly network A for their transactions, because only the ninja pool wallet (and some others) are on chain B. Ninja being so big wins 4 blocks in a row now. Then the whole network has to abandon their chain and accept Ninjas longer chain. All transactions of the last 4 blocks will get unconfirmed and in limbo and all mining rewards go to ninja, too.

  • @Han-Solo How can it not be just as reliable as ninja? Its a ninja clone! Try a Lexicon pool then you are testing something.

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  • not realy that far down the list. second biggest pool

    its quite amazing to see that the ninja pool has almost double of the next pool down. you could add pool 2,3 and 4 together and its the same size

    generally i dont think we are ever going to be able to fix the issue where one pool has the majority of miners. mainly because all newcomers will just go straight for the pool at the top. without even looking on the forums

  • @daWallet Thank you for the explanation, which I will admit to only partially understanding. Trouble is that it will need 3 people like me with 80TB to move to even equal the 8 or so people with 200+ TB.

    I always have more problems and make less money on other pools and would only consider moving to another ninja style Pool as I understand and like how the Current and Historic shares work.

    I have a very poor internet connection here and one of the good things about ninja is that despite the mining power on there because of the high deadline you only get 30 to 40 miners responding with not much more than that in nonces, and I get very few not confirmed.

    Perhaps someone could put up another ninja style pool with a similar high deadline? Would still like to know where I can see what % of the network each Pool has?


  • @Han-Solo I was at Italian pool too and also had them issues. Lexicon did such a great job with the code the Italian pool used. You really cant call it uray code but out of respect for original author we call it so. I am not a bandit 🙂 I take the fees and put most in a Burst bash I have about once a month. I say if a group of large miners mined at an improved uray code pool then they will do just as good. Rich the code the code has been changed since you mined at my pool. I do this for a hobby not an income so all I want is a successful pool where everyone is satisfied.

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    @RichBC I'm looking at raising the deadlines on .BIZ and .EU, not as high as as Burst-team or Ninja though. Currently they're getting hammered by 7-8x the number of nonces Ninja gets, which I suspect causes the not confirmed DL's - even though they are getting submitted, it concerns people.

  • @haitch Perhaps the ccminer pool could have the same deadline as Ninja?