Reward Assigment Mod

  • ATTENTION: Just recently surfaced that fee for reward assigment is hardcoded to be 1 BURST, so please do not change fee as it will throw you an error, other than that mod works as intented. That limitation is expected to be removed in next client version.

    Ever wondered why you cant set reward recipient right there in wallet itself? Well i think i have just a pill to ease your pain 😉

    Here is a sneak peek

    When does it arrive you ask?
    Should be ready by the end of week. I am a stickler for arranging elements and colors 🙂

    EDIT: And here it is the pill to cure all that is bad in the world... ok maybe not all but definitely making assigning new recipients more fun 😉

    remember that ugly looking sneak peek up top? Well its been upgraded a bit 😉

    DISCLAIMER: As usual use at your own risk 😛 i wont be responsible if your cat going to try murder you in the middle of night

    RewardAssigment what it does? Makes life beautiful and full of joy.
    Download links:
    v1.0: [Google Drive] (need to add one small fix for a busy blockchain 😉 )
    v1.1: [Google Drive]
    v1.1-QuickFix: Google Drive - Updated: 2017.02.20

    How to install:

    • Unzip files into you wallet folder
    • Go into html -> ui folder
    • Edit index.html (with any text editor: notepad, notepad++, etc)
      add this line of code:
    <script src="js/lithstud.rewardassigment.js" type="text/javascript"></script>

    at the end of file right after:

    <script src="js/nrs.subscription.js" type="text/javascript"></script>
    <script src="js/nrs.modals.subscription.js" type="text/javascript"></script>
    <script src="js/" type="text/javascript"></script>
    <script src="js/nrs.crowdfunding.js" type="text/javascript"></script>
    <script src="js/lithstud.aetrades.js" type="text/javascript"></script>
    • For AIO users
      I havent tested it with AIO, but it works with Internet Explorer so it should work with AIO as well 🙂 You will need to clear the cache (pressing F5 should do the trick). But preferred way of running is in chrome browser 🙂

    In some rare cases it seems the window to set your recipient id is missing passphrase input, if its happening to you add this line

    <link id="lithstud-loading-css" href="css/lithstud-loader.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css"  />

    at the top of index.html right before


    thanks @Energy for noticing this!

    How to uninstall:

    • Go into html -> ui folder
    • Edit index.html (with any text editor: notepad, notepad++, etc)
      remove this line of code:
    <script src="js/lithstud.rewardassigment.js" type="text/javascript"></script>

    thats it 🙂 more tech savvy people will remove the files as well 😉

    Change Log:
    v1.1 - 2017.02.20 - Box will no longer try to break free, it was beaten into submission and only angrily blinks at you every 5min 😉
    v1.1 - Small fix for ghost unconfirmed transactions that happens during extreme network loads. What happens: Transaction needs to be rebroadcasted and in that time its neither on blockchain nor in unconfirmed tx log so API doesn't see it.

    Your friendly madman,

  • It is an amazing mod! Good job @LithStud !

  • i like this a lot because it has my pool address in the screenshot XD

  • so i am about done with it 🙂 the bad news trying to make it look good and informative i accidentally blew up my local wallet DB 😃 well at least i think it was me, waiting for it to start (if it starts at all) 😃

    note to self - if script starts throwing errors first check wallet command line screen to see if its dead and not look for errors in code sigh.

    Oh. And you know that box saying forged balance? Well its been sacrificed for better good of all mankind 3:)

    EDIT: well goodn news it seems my scripts been working for last hour or so, waiting for db to sync and test a couple more scenarios and i think this mod will be ready to be freed into wild 😃

  • OK, i am pretty sure everything works fine, cant check a thing about confirmations as the network is spammed at the moment. So will release it as it is and fix errors if any surfaces tomorrow 😃

  • @LithStud said in Reward Assigment Mod:

    network is spammed at the moment

    Great addition, will make life a lot easier for everyone. Perhaps you could add a feature to the Wallet that detects the fee on the current transactions and adjusts your fee to be greater than it? Here's hoping the Weather will improve soon.


  • @RichBC i have an idea how to do that 🙂 but for the moment only manual option 😉 as it got a bit more complicated code than i initially thought it will be 😃

  • The mod is live 🙂 Enjoy the the spinner 😃

  • Hooray 😃

  • @Propagandalf found small error 🙂 nothing serious, just skips waiting 4 confirmations, update soon to be uploaded 🙂

  • QuickFix posted in first post 🙂 Sorry about these rapid changes. But i think i hammered most of bugs at this time (working network helped to test features i couldnt before :D)

    Edit: Just did a repack as i forgot updated css file before (-_-) i should go sleep 😃

  • admin

    @LithStud very cool, hopefully you will commit that on gitlab, once it is final 🙂

  • @luxe adding it to original code need rewriting 😉 as a lot of code would just not needed 🙂

  • admin

    @LithStud k i just wanted to try 🙂

  • @luxe go ahead it will work no problem 😉
    or atleast it should 😃

  • Thank you so much @LithStud !
    This will make life easier for all miner.

  • @luxe just rebased my fork on github 😃 next time i think i will just pull merge 😃 while it looks need it also looks like there were so much more different things done. Anyway as long it works 🙂

  • @nixxda I have tested the change and box no longer trying to break free 😉 tho it still gonna blink every 5mins as at the moment couldnt thought of a good way to add some better check about changes - Well normally i shouldnt even need for this check but what with network problems decided better some blink once in a while but at least some indication its working 😃

    So for everybody else i have updated the link to download this mod, if you already have it just overwrite files and at the login screen Ctrl+F5 to clear your browsers cache and you can enjoy it again.

    Happy mining!

  • @LithStud Passphrase not entered!
    What am I doing wrong??? Does not ask me to put the passphrase anywhere

    alt text

  • @Energy oh man something went wrong, moment gonna hop onto my github and check it might nhave been accidently deleted when i updated the source to 1.2.8 wallet (had some conflicts and thought i cought them all).
    Be right back. And thanks for this notice! I will make sure you get something for it 🙂