Burstnation & Network situation & Local Wallets

  • Ok, I've been a little absent for the past 45 days or so, at least in regards to the forums and the general day to day goings-on of BURST. Outside of maintaining my miners / wallets and watching assets, I've really not been too heavily involved during that time. With that being said, why is it that burstnation.com claims to be "The Official Burst Coin Cryptocurrency Hub"? How in the world is that supposed to make any sense when this site has been here for much longer?!? Maybe I'm missing something?

  • You're missing quite a bit. Probably best to just ignore it as it was a bunch of drama that is starting to die down now.

  • Yes, please do open this again.

  • I am curious too, as to what is up with all this and why it is taking my burst transactions forever...

  • @DrTrouble because they are spamming the network "promoting" their forum

  • @tomahawkeer Fun and games... price is up, lots of new assets, new Wikipedia page and the network is being stress tested. Never a dull moment for sure

  • About all that I am seeing, is a bunch of tiny transactions, and my miners not earning as much for the past week. Probably the worst week ive ever had mining, and thats on both of my miners. I normally find at least 1 block every 24 to 36 hours across both my miners, and I havent found a single block in over a week now. No idea if that has anything to do with but it does piss me off that a single entity can cause so many changes . Actually, that shouldn't happen IMO.

  • @tomahawkeer this SPAM causes forks in the network, so you ended up in mining in a fork for a while and you lost bloks because of this..
    we are talking about this issue and try to find a solution ASAP

  • Yup I understand

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    Just my thoughts:
    The burst infrastructure pools/wallets hardware is/was not prepared for massive increase of transactions per block due to the burstnation spam.
    A wallet has to do work for every transaction, accessing database, updating data, calculate and check hashes etc.
    If wallet hardware is on 100% load, it can stuck and not do all in time ... could get worse if one or two fast blocks happen ... wallets can not finish their work for current block fast enough and run into problems ... so we now know, on massively more transactions, we currently run into trouble and that needs to be fixed.
    e.g. a pool wallet busy with transactions, may not be able to broadcast or accept the miners deadlines fast enough ...
    I did not expect this to happen, but every person knowing this now and contain this spam anyway is kind of ddos'ing our network, using current weakness ... That is not only spam anymore but kind of a attack. If the idea behind this spam is promoting burstnation, that is probably the worst promotion ever ... lol.

    I also noticed that lot of the spam goes to exchange accounts, and cause a additional transaction there ... so if you experience problems in the network and pools, you all know who to thank for that ... the one that wishes us all a nice weekend! Kind of sarcasm i guess ...

    @tomahawkeer No burstnation is not official whatever, it is just another webpage about burst ...

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    @luxe I've asked Crow why he and Adam are attacking the coin - had no response. This is no longer a spam campaign, it's a calculated attack on the coin.With the forks they're causing, their pool wins most of the chains when the wallets re-align. I'm starting to think everyone should blacklist ninja and BN's addresses.

  • @luxe would it help if more people would use there local wallet ?

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    @Daforce Maybe, if they start solo mining i guess (but it is never wrong to run a node) ... the pools and their wallets are kind of the burst network backbone ... if they have problems all parties suffer.

    @haitch Thanks for contacting them ... i wrote the above for the case, that they just do not understand what they are currently doing ... however they are discrediting their self currently ... i do not think that blocking ip's can be a solution in a decentralized network ... it may cause additional problems i guess.

  • @luxe could it be possible to implement blocking an account? like the same way one blocks a phone number or someone on Facebook?

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    @vExact sure some kind of ignorelist with accounts that do not show up in gui would be possible, but you can not stop a account from sending you a message ....

  • Since this topic is back up, I have a questions - Could all these new people opening wallets and not knowing how to sync them be causing problems? I just hear sooo many complaints about sync problems that most of the time I just tell people to forget trying to run a local wallet and use the online one. Just curious about how all these un-synced local wallets could effect the network

  • @luxe so basically you can't stop on the blockchain a transaction to a given related account?

  • @k.coins I personally like more the pre-release of the AIO wallet than the last version. I find the sync part faster with it
    I actually went back to using it...

  • @vExact thanks, and I agree. But... the question remains

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    @vExact said in Burstnation:

    @luxe so basically you can't stop on the blockchain a transaction to a given related account?

    There could be a transaction type, to store a ignorelist in blockchain, than a wallet could forbid to create/accept a transaction based on that data.
    But spam account can easy be changed ... so ignorelist is always behind.
    Just not display them would be better solution i guess.