Local stuck again no solo for me

  • So I went to sleep last night with 2 local wallets running in sync and on time with the network. I woke up 8 hours later and the one wallet was still good (win 7 machine). The win 10 machine was stuck 8 blocks behind. So it must have happened just before I looked at it. Closed the client and reopened it. Waited for the local wallet to allow login and it opened up and is sitting on that same stuck block. How do you unstick the local wallet, short of "cleaning up the db". Frustrating stuff.

  • Even for a pool we usually get the latest database

  • @Burstde said in Local stuck again no solo for me:

    Even for a pool we usually get the latest database

    Every 8 hours?

  • @rds Well with all the trouble lately yes I'm sure everyone has been replacing their database. I think the one we download might be bad too and will let you know since I made my own and will replace it if we fork again.

  • @Burstde

    So this brings up a good point about decentralization.

    Is there one entity that provides the "good" database? If everyone uses it because their locals are always stucking, then if that DB is bad then the whole network goes bad?

    Can someone inject a malicious entity into the DB for node infection?

    When the DB is dubbed good, are the last x blocks lopped off so that a potential bad fork is not introduced into the system.

    This network is in it's infancy so reliance on a trusted source is a necessary evil but if it grows it has to evolve to the point where I/we don't rely on a single point of DB issuance to survive.

  • no this database has been good its only this bad week and no no virus