Plotting question

  • Hi, I would just like to know if plotting randomly vs in sequence would make any difference, For example:

    8 TB 4 plots starting at 1000001 - 1001001 then continuing with 1001002 - 1002001 then 1002002 - 1003001 and 1003002 - 1004001 in sequence (following on from the last)

    Or by doing random plots:

    same drive but with these plots 1000001 - 1001001 followed by 2400001 - 2401001 then 6600005 - 6601006 and 7654321 - 7655321.

    I hope i put that in simple enough terms for you guys to understand.

    Would there be any difference plotting like this or not ( Obviously the numbers are for illustration to give you an idea of what i mean ).

  • I think I get what you're saying. I personally don't order my plots back to back. I know some people that do but can't say that I've seen much of a difference between our abilities to forge, could be wrong though. I actually change the starting nonce number of all my drives. So, for example, drive 1 starts at 100000000, drive 2 starts at 200000000, etc. Obviously most drives will fit in the nonce range of each

  • I have nonces all over the place. I manually assign my plots. I have nonces that start at 9900000000.