Did Pool.burstcoin.eu fork last night?

  • I woke up to all my differed payments gone and no transactions shown in wallet..

    very weird..
    also noticed the pie charts are a lot smaller. .. not less miners.. smaller in dimension.. ...so confused..

  • EU was stuck on 475 block for a long time last night.

  • @rds would that have anything to do with missing differed payments.. i didnt even notice till someone else lost their differed in their pool also asking about a possible fork i went to check mine and it is like i didnt even mine yesterday at all.....

  • @darindarin,

    not sure. I can't fathom how these issues are resolved when the pool gets stuck or forked. I seems like a nightmare to "undo" the false credits etc. I think it is done manually by the administrator. That's one reason I like solo mining or a pool with high reliability stats. I used to mine on EU but left as I thought they had more than their fair share of glitches. As for solo, my local wallet is now glitchy, so Ninja is my choice. As evidently it is everyone's hence the threads about "Ninja is too big". 🙂

  • @rds understandable.. i dont necessarily care about 40 something burst i earned that is now missing . id be more worried about losing something more relevant ..this is the first time i am experiencing such a glitch .. i hope its the last as it can really steal your motivation.

  • @darindarin,

    As I said, you need to vote with your feet. I suggested awhile ago that on the list of miners page that they try to incorporate reliability stats. Like the airlines do for delays etc.