pool.burst-team.us payout confusion

  • I've recently had the time to look more deeply into payouts and have noticed some conflicting reports on how these are made based on historical and current block shares.

    As far as I am aware a % of current block, if won by the pool, will give for arguments sake 50/50 split between current and historical.

    The problem I have noticed is that I have only ever been paid out for current blocks if I have the best deadline on the burst-team.us pool. That is, when someone else from the pool wins the round and my pool gets that block I am not paid out on the current block share, only historical share.

    Is this by design or am I supposed to be getting paid out on the current block share when my deadline is not the winning deadline?

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    @BurstMiner1 If the pool wins the block, you get paid out your share of that block and the historical share.

  • @haitch Hi Haitch. That has not been happening for me as far as I am aware. Anyway to look into this? I've been mining for a few months now and this has always confused me - why I am not getting current block shares when not the winning deadline and pool wins the block.

    My address is BURST-B8G8-LB8F-3QQG-HHC3Z


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    @BurstMiner1 I can look at your payments vs your historical share, but the logs don't show what percentage came from current vs historical.

  • @haitch Ok, well I believe I am having an issue with current block share payouts. Where do I go from here?

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    As I understand it the winner of a block gets all "current shares" - 100% and his part in the historical chart. The others get their share from the historical chart only.

  • @daWallet That is my experience also. Though from what Haitch is saying it should work differently. Perhaps you are also experiencing the same issue as I?

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    I don't see any issue here and I'm mining solo.

  • @daWallet This is the issue

    "If the pool wins the block, you get paid out your share of that block and the historical share."

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    @daWallet That's not my understanding - if it was that way the winner would get 60% of 2,164 + historical share. I believe you get you current round share + historical share.

  • @haitch Interesting. Are we able to clarify on whether that is definitely the case as I do believe I am having an issue with current block share payouts. Where should I take this issue?

  • If anyone from pool.burst-team.us is able to look into this it would be appreciated. I am only mining with 10TB and have difficulty with deadlines on current blocks going into whole numbers while waiting for blocks to be written. As the destined or queued payout is only displayed as an integer it is extra difficult for me to come to a comprehensive conclusion. As some might appreciate it takes a lot of time waiting for blocks to be written keeping records of everything to conclude actual payouts. You might be missing out on quite a lot of BURST over time.

  • @BurstMiner1 said in pool.burst-team.us payout confusion:

    @haitch Interesting. Are we able to clarify on whether that is definitely the case as I do believe I am having an issue with current block share payouts. Where should I take this issue?

    @haitch Can I get a response for this or should I just write of the idea?

  • @BurstMiner1 ,

    You should be able to look at the pool page. When the pool wins a block you need to record the value on the current share table and the historical table against your name. The historical value doesn't change much from block to block but you need to know the current value before the block is over. Then in 4 blocks time your deferred payout value should increment buy the two values you recorded on the winning block. That is how every ninja pool (ninja, EU) I've ever been on works. If it is not like that then there is an error or someone really tweaked the payout parameters.

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    @BurstMiner1 I've confirmed that reward is 60% of Current Block + 40% of historic block, and it's configurable by pool. So a pool could differentiate itself by raising or lowering the Current/Historic ratios.

  • @rds

    Yes I have been trying that when I have time. If you see above I have stated that because current block payouts rarely go into whole numbers for me it is difficult to get a conclusion when that payout is only displayed as an integer. I admit I should have more information to back up my statements however I have only had the time recently to look more deeply into it. Initially I did note when I first started mining that it seemed I was not getting current blocks payouts due to noting a good deadline on a current block and when that was accounted for I believe I only got the historical share.

    What is more concerning is that @haitch and @daWallet seem to be as confused as I and unable to conclusively comment on the nature of these payouts. I see they are quite well regarded members and heavily involved in BURST. I would have thought they would be able to say with confidence.

  • @haitch Thanks haitch. Is it possible to have more accountability for the current block payouts? I ask because you say you are unable to see those ratios. It would be interesting to see whether it is actually working as designed.

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    @BurstMiner1 I assumed the payout ratios were fixed in the code, so had been hunting through the code to find out where the calculation is done, found that the ratio is actually configurable, not hard coded.

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    @BurstMiner1 I can see it once I figured out where to look - in the obvious place I didn't think of - the pool config:

       "currentBlockRewardPercent": "60",   // Reward for this block
        "recentBlockHistoryDepth": "40",       // reward for historic blocks
        "maximumPayoutBlockDelay": "360",  // maximum number of blocks to defer payout.

  • I was surprised as well about the "big boys" understanding of the payout structure.

    If you are mining a small TB, to quickly determine if the pool payout is what you think it is you look for the next block that looks like the pool will hit and then look at the top two or three miners for the block and validate they get their share of the current and historical. Then decimals won't matter as they should be getting 100s of Burst in payouts.

    Also, to determine the 60/40 or other split as configured by the pool owner, you need to copy the entire table of current, preferably during a long block when no more DLs are being submitted. Copy the historic table as well. Paste it into a spreadsheet.

    The current shares should add up to 60% of 2146-% fee and the historic should add up to 40% of 2146-%fee.

    Cheers, hope this helps.