Complete computer idiot- Please Help

  • Hi all! I'm a newbie in this world and need Help!

    Here are my list of questions-

    1. I have multiple external HDs- about 50 TBs worth and am obtaining more by the day (I have a great supplier that I'm gettting them for $15/TB) I plotted the first 3TB with xplotter cpu and took FOREVER- so I am buying a new GPU card- will a 1060 3GB 192bit be a good card to use for GPU plotting? I have a AMD FX 6100 6 core 3.3 GHz processor.

    2. I currently have 8gb of ram - do I need to max this out to as high as I can go? As in will this speed up either the plotting and/or the mining?

    3.. I downloaded the GPU plotter v4.0.3 and extracted the files but I have NO IDEA what to do- If anyone can help me in a live chat or call situation I would appreciate it. I have read the setup instructions on this forum and other places but I am CLUELESS as to what it means-- I dropped out of my computer programming classes in college lol

    1. Once I have all my drives plotted and I start mining will I be able to run them in connection so that full TB power be working to maximize my share in the pools?

    2. After I get up in running I will need help creating and setting up a mining pool server on my computer- but will wait till I understand more for that-

    Thank you in advance- I feel like a baby in a new world

  • @SilverSlonny

    1. Great price :-), best gpu card is RX 480 or similar (amd is perferable)
    2. Max out the RAM if you can afford it. More RAM faster plotting.
    3. What have you tried, post screenshots and lots here will help you.
    4. AIO miner will detect all plots automatically, jminer will require editing of properties file, again post screenshot of what you have and people here will help you get it right.
    5. first things first, start mining get some experience and only then consider setting up a pool.

    Oh and welcome to the Burst community.

  • @SilverSlonny

    1a. who's your supplier?!-)

    1b. Plotting usually takes a long time. For rev. I'm plotting ~4TB /24h with Xplotter on an i7 @4Ghz using 6 cores.

    gpuplotter can be faster but its more complicated to setup! and there are some advantages to Xplotter. which are:

    • you always get optimized plotfiles (reads faster)

    • you can stop and restart the plotter whiteout loosing everything

    • easier to setup!-)

    so lets try Xplotter first!-)

    • download Xplotter and unzip it somewhere where you can find it.

    • get your Accounts Numeric ID from the wallet

    • go in to the folder and open "RunThisAsAdmin.bat" with an editor (right click - open with notepad)

    • edit the file like this:

    @cd /d %~dp0 
    XPlotter_avx.exe -id <your numeric ID> -sn <start nonce> -n 0 " -path H:\plots -mem 4G
    • <start nonce>= is anything if you start from fresh (0 for example) or or the next nonce where you left of last time
      this is one of my plotted files which I will use as an example

    415974405+2048000=418022405 will become the <start nonce> for the next plotfile
    (2. and 3. Number. the 3. and last one is "stagger size"! basically the amount of Ram you used. but since its an optimized file it will be the same as 2.)

    • "-n 0" = will plott the whole disk

    • "-t 4" = will use 4cores (adjust this to the max cores you have minus 1 or 2 for windows to run on!)

    • "-path H:\plots" = path to your disk. the "plots" folder will be created if it does not exist

    • " -mem 4G" should be about right if you have 8GB at whole (win needs to get some too)

    save the file and start it as Administrator (right click)!

    the only thing what could be further slowing things down now is if you've got so called "SMR" Disks. But dont worry they are good for mining but a bit harder to plott.
    check in "Task Manager" what write speeds you are getting on the disk your plotting! If the speed drops down significantly after a while (to maybe 10Mb/s) we need to take an other approach. but lets try this first and tell as what your getting!

    Ahh yes, the reason for this whole write-up is that you cant start Xplotter as Administrator out of the AIO Wallet! and this way its quite a bit faster!-)

  • @iKnow0 Thanks for replying

    lets start with 1.

    my motherboard runs nvida chipset - would the RX 480 still be the way to go?

  • @SilverSlonny well I tried!-) But I'm and nvidia guy!

  • @nixxda I ran the Xplotter my first go round -47 TBs would take so long! I may try after I install max ram and see if it speeds up. Oh and I plotted the 3 TB on my laptop was getting 3300 nonce/sec (I think thats what was going at 3300/sec) My desktop plotting was getting about 4500/sec but still that would take forever lol.

    BTW If anyone wants me to pass on the savings deal I get I'll get them for you. They are never used HDDs (just don't have boxes) and I check them with DiskInfo before I buy to see how many times they've been powerd up. I'd take Burst or Bit as payment 😉

  • @SilverSlonny Sounds interesting! What Brand, Type and Size are they? And where about are you at? (shipping)

    and yes 4500 is going to take forever! I'm searching for the old pdf that someone made for the gpuplotter, which gave me quite an good entry.

  • @SilverSlonny i cannot see any reason not to, chipset and GPU drivers are completely seperate, i am assuming you will be running on windows 10(Win 7 & 8 have caching issue with the jminer). If you have another Open CL 2.0 GPU that would work also, but if its performance you want the RX 400 series is the way to go.

  • OK Operation Computer Makeover is now Complete- here are my current specs as I am now ready to try to GPU Plotter

    CPU- AMD FX-6100 6 core 3.3Ghz
    RAM- 32GB (4x8GB Dual Channel PC3-15000 1866MHz DDR3)
    GPU- ASUS Strix RX480 8GB GDDR5 256bit OC'd
    Windows 10 64

    ok I have downloaded the GPU plotter but need VERY basic step by step instructions on getting it going-

    PLEASE help

  • @SilverSlonny there was a thread somewhere which I could not find 😕 but the thing was that someone actually "discovered" that for plotting it was much faster (probably for mining too) if in the hardware properties it is enabled the "write-caching policy". So right click on your drive, click properties --> select the hardware tab, then properties, then "change settings" and finally on the policies tab enable the write-caching policy... Also make sure your drives are NTFS formatted and better choose 64kb as allocation unit size 🙂


  • Ok first I'd like to give a big shout out to iKnow0- he freaking messaged with me for a couple hours doing a live set up of my gpuplotter and taught me so much-Thank You big time

    There was one small problem when he left- we forgot to put the drive letter on the command prompt and it retired out due to lack of space- had to hunt down that damn plot file too cause my C drive had maxed out lol- but got it fixed

    So I am pumped! I'm getting over 50,000 nonces/min right now!! Yes you read that right 50k/min!! Sure as hell beats the 3200 I was getting with xplotter cpu plotter lol- my 4TB drive will be done in less than 5 hours!!

    I don't know why I'm getting so much but it could have something to do with the RAM I installed? I put 32GBs of RAM and a new 8GB RX480 so maybe combined they're producing magic? Anyways, I look forward to building my 300TB setup in the next 3 months adding 25TBs a week

    Thanks again all of you who gave advice! Appreciate it so much!