Introduce myself

  • Hi community

    I'm brand new to BURST - I've just downloaded the client, plotted my drive and am in the process of downloading the blockchain- still new to the whole crypto currency jazz but am learning as much as I can. If anybody has any pointers, suggestions, or even just want to say hi to a newbie. waves

    Comps currently set up for 800gb plot and mining while at work. Not looking to make a fortune but to get my hands wet and see where that might lead me as I learn.

    Any advice or info is always good info if I didn't know it from the start.

    Thanks in advance to the community! I hear that its a friendly bunch - prove me right?


  • Hey,
    Use rather than wallet in your machine.
    Are you getting any trouble with setting up? You can sought out here, lot of experienced miners here to help. Happy mining.

  • admin

    Hey @TIG312, have a good time bursting ...

  • @robert Thanks so much that is exactly where I am currently setup for mining at the moment I don't believe I can setup for mining with my own wallet, or can I? It appears that I would have to select a pool regardless? also question is what is the #tx when i see a transaction happening in my overview? I'm assuming its a tax for the session it seems?

  • What is your machine os? Are you using Windows? I yes then I suggest to use the Wallet in your machine.

  • @luxe Thanks for the welcome! same goes out to you as well!

  • Welcome Aboard @TIG312 you have arrived at a marvelous place. There is so much happening here on this forum, with mining Burst and getting involved with Burst's Decentralize Autonomous Organization and the many projects that are happening. There are many things that you can do to be a positive influence on the upliftment of Burst.

    I look forward to benefitting from you and being of benefit as well. If you need any assistance simply ask away. We are all ears.

    Have a magnificent day on PURPOSE!

  • Hi there aswell,
    also my first day here, after reading about Burst and HDD mining a cpl of times before, today is the day ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Got lucky on Poloniex today and with the earnings i bought a 5 TB external HDD, which is plotting right now.
    Not that im awaiting ROI in the future, but i wanted to be part of the community, and support the whole story.
    Im new into Crypto world (for about 4 weeks) and im very excited for what will come in the future.
    Because the system sux and decentralizing is the key, so the Currency is kind of revolutionary, so it didnt take long for me to get addicted.

    Sorry for bad english, i use to speak german ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Actually i do daytrading, so if there are others out there, i think theres a lot to learn ... or help each other - who knows ...

    thats it for the beginning ๐Ÿ˜‰


  • @TIG312 Welcome to the Burst community! I hope you like it here, it is nice to see new faces.

    @finchenking For anyone interested in learning forex trading, I recommend the school of pipsology at No hidden fees, just free. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Thanks @Gandalf,
    will check it out!

    I actually try to educate myself in chartanalysis, better understanding of market signals, seeking software and platforms for the right information to the right time. Maybe find a grp of people out there for - trading together, deal with infos and so on.
    My goal is, to do this as "mainjob" - beeing your own bozz - is best, especially nowadays ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Have always been good at maths aswell as beeing a guy trying to find my limits... so...

    Weยดll see what happens.


  • @robert I am using windows and I'm a PC user, sorry no macs for me. I am using just the wallet that is offered in the software.

  • @FXALTareeq Hi FXALTareeq! Thanks so much for the warm welcome. As far as I can see Burst community is very friendly and helpful. Just the thought about a decentralized currency makes me so happy. Anything that I can do to bring positive influence to Burst and newcomers. I'm always ears!

    thanks you for your kind words and looking forward to future endeavors!

  • @finchenking Awesome to hear from another new person! I so happy to hear that you were able to take the earnings and expand your HDD absolutely happy for you! I'm also waiting to do the same. I waiting to save up some and expand. I'm currently only able to run 1tb @ home and 1tb @ work. So just making the best of what I got! But always being positive and patient.

    Yeah I started reading about Bitcoin and one crypto lead to another and next thing you know I was looking at bcm, xmr, blah blah blah. I watched a video on Youtube a bout Burst and next thing you know. Here I am. The idea of HDD mining instead of exhaustive CPU mining probably took it all for me.

    Never apologize for your English and I don't see anything wrong with it. Keep up the great work!

    I would love to learn about trading if you are ever willing to teach a newbie! I've always been interested but never had the opportunity or the right people to show me the way!

    looking forward to future opportunities with you!

  • @Propagandalf Thank you for the warm welcome and I definitely will look into forex. Something I just recently read a bit about and am interested in learning more forsure!

  • Welcome to the wonderful world of BURST. Hope you enjoy your time with us! Feel free to contact myself or any of the members of the BURST core team with any questions, or simply post them here on the forums, everyone is more than willing to help out. After all, that's how we start the revolution! (of HDD related mining and crypto currency usage ;))

  • hi guys.. newbie here. probably new to mining. Adam Guerbuez youtube video sent me here. i have some questions. can i use my laptop to mine? i'm out of my country so i cannot have a desktop Pc. hoping to get some response

  • @sansheng Hi sansheng! Welcome to our community :-)!! You absolutely can mine on your laptop: every computer that has free HDD space is able to mine burstcoin.
    Links to guides in this forum:
    _Tutorial: Quick Guide to the AIO Wallet/Plotter/Miner & Video tutorial
    _FAQ? Mining 101 & Plots 101
    This forum is full of information, if you are looking for something try to search... and also, please, feel free to ask!