Need to refomat drive on laptop - How do I move my wallet from laptop to PC?

  • Need to reformat drive on laptop - How do I move my wallet from laptop to PC?

  • just copy paste whole thing 🙂 unless its AIO wallet then i would wait for someone using that wallet to explain better 🙂 Other than that as long you dont loose your passphrase you can access your account from anywhere 😉

    And now i go to sleep.

  • So I downloaded Burst Wallet to the PC, and when I open it it sees the plotted drives. What it doesn't do is have the word "wallet" when I choose "load wallet" - it is blank. It used to read "wallet". I can certainly copy and paste my passphrase into the wallet and the wallet populates with my account. But when I start to mine, I get a miner has stopped error.
    0_1487633334872_Miner Stoped.jpg

  • @gwagner so i take it your using AIO @daWallet maybe can help to configure whats gottent out of wack?

    Also i dont remember if that miner requires 64bit and if its the right exe for your cpu 😉

  • Lost of views, but no replies that are helpful? I can't be the only guy that ever wanted / needed to do this??

    I copied all of the files in my burst folder (other than plots) and pasted them on the PC files... Didn't work..

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    @gwagner Write down or print your passphrases on a sheet of paper and check if they are working when you use them in your wallet.

    You actually only need the passphrases. The rest of your account data is distributed over the network.

  • The passphrase is all that is needed no mater how many drive mining instances you open then? ... Just convenient that it sits under "load wallet" on the laptop. Easy enough to copy paste I guess. Not to be picky, but I just would really like to know how to get the passphrase loaded to the new computer and the wallet to work the same - if possible??

  • So... I think you're referring to how the wallet will save your passphrase for you if you want. This can be found under the Account Manager tab then "Add Wallet." It is here that the passphrase will be stored for your convenience. If your having problems, just uninstall the wallet, reinstall it, then add your old passphrase to the list.

    In general, your Burst address is linked to your specific passphrase. You can run any wallet program and have access to your balanace using this passphrase. The AIO simply gives you some nice user friendly tools. As for mining instances, you can always change their configurations manually by going to your file explorer, typing in %appdata% and finding the burst wallet folder in your roaming folder. Here you will find all associated miner config files. Hope this helped and I wasn't totally off base with what you were asking lol