BURST Decals!!!!

  • Hey Everyone!

    To help drum up some more awareness for Burst and to show our support I had some decals made. I put one on my mustang so when I go to the track and people ask me about it I will explain it to them. I also put one on my jeep wrangler so when I'm wheeling I can explain to people the benefit of this incredible coin, and one on my laptop, ya never know who you can run into and start a conversation with. They are printed decals not cut vinyls they look awesome! I had 24 made because that was the minimum and the store charged me $5.00 USD per sticker. So if you send me the equivalent of 5.00 USD in Burst or Bitcoin I will mail you a decal. You can respond to this thread or shoot me an email at [email protected]. Thanks guys!!! #BURST 1_1487635365297_ce6995838a8c45838865926b9a972edf.png 2_1487635365297_df09bb5e034542839ba619a6e62f8bbf.png 1_1487635365297_ce6995838a8c45838865926b9a972edf.png 0_1487635365297_992ccf97e57d4648bc7a3639d8d48d9b.png

  • If there is a better place for this let me know I put the link in the alt tech chat also. You can use these stickers for more applications that what i did, like you can put em on anything you want really doesnt have to be your car I may just be Burst drunk lol