Why burstcasino asset price suddenly fall

  • I noticed that burst casino price has fallen a large amount. It was at 630 , now at 140. Is it going to fall?

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    When the dividends are lower than expected the price can fall.

  • Welcome to market correction and share dumping.


  • oh no , I invested at the wrong time I guess

  • @sleepy
    Probably due to the fact that the yield of the asset has fallen by approximately 10 times in comparison with initial indicators.
    So I think that 140 is not the limit...

  • casino was maby under valued at it's launch price and have crazy good return's the first few payout's witch made it shoot to the moon in price and made it vary popular, i think that popularity kept people trading without crunching the math on the ROI at the high prices .. it's been steady at 500 - 600 for a wile but the last 3 or so div pays have been kinds sub par for the going rate and people noticed = sell wile you can still get some bang for your buck and price drop.......... give it a few weeks of loads of new people loosing at the casino and some big div payout's start happining agin price will go back up ... maby slower and not as high this time but will reflect it's true value over time

  • i feel sorry for the people that bought in 3 weeks after launch ......... when i got out 🙂 when the price jumped from 100 a share to 1400 per share

  • Yeah, It seems the price is correcting itself after all this time, to a more realistic price.

    @Gibsalot I also feel sorry for those that bought at 1400 a share, that was way overvalued.

  • @Zeus i knew it thats why i sold lol , casino is gona have good weeks and bad week's realistic price IMO should bounce betwen 170 - 300 depending on how the casino perform's week to week

  • The price of the asset has reached 105...
    Anyone have any opinions regarding the lower limit value of the asset at the moment?

  • I would also like to know from @Zeus regarding the issue of the reduction of the dividends - do you think the high dividends that had been paid earlier was only the result of luck? Or decrease in dividends is due to some technical problems?

  • @emcb last few weeks casino has had a few people win some BIG jackpots and as a result the casino's profits was not multiple millions of burst like it had been for a few weeks..

  • @Gibsalot
    Thanks for the clarification. So chances are, it can't last forever (low dividends) 🙂
    Importantly, to be no unsolvable technical problems, and has been a steady development... Just earlier @Zeus often publish updates about the development. Here investors are, apparently, depressed and sell...

  • @emcb We had some high dividends at first because we had big players, since the day Poloniex decided to pause burst for more than a week, we lost many potential users with huge pockets (I wrote here that the casino has been hurt like crazy because of that, it wasn't a joke).

    If we have people playing at 1 Burst each, we aren't going to get big profits, while before we had players doing 10k and more for one single bet.

    Also, I got some of my users that told me they leave burst because of all the discussions between @haitch and @crowetic , they were new members and didn't know much about Burst, seeing the discussions made them scared of the real value the coin has.

  • @Zeus
    Thank you, now everything became more clear...

  • I hope someday the price would go up.

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    Just bought some ... as long a @Zeus stands behind his project ... this is one of a few assets, where shares does not loose value with burst price rising 🙂

  • i donated 141k last night to the casino in a spectacular fail at 99x 🙂

  • @Gibsalot welcome to my world of 865 with no 99's lol there goes 350k, loved the rush

  • Now casino asset is slowly rising now around 400