Question : processor / integrated gpu?

  • Heya,
    So ive been mining burst for a while now on my mining rig which has 6x 480 gpus on it as well. Because it was originally meant for just eth mining and the burst came later, the cpu is only an intel pentium 3240.
    While mining with this i had around 40mb/s readings. Blago (bottom says 80mb/s, plots say 40)

    So i tried mining with my gpu, and noticed my onboard gpu of my motherboard couls also be used, giving me 200mb/s avarage reading speed (jminer)

    Now my question is: will my reading speed be better if i change the processor to an I7 processor using a cpu miner, or is the 200mb/s of the integrated gpu good? I only have 16tb currently, but will expand

    Thanks for the help


  • @keyd0s the GPU will be faster than any processor for mining, simply because it has way more cores.

  • @iKnow0 even if its a silly onboard gpu like this one?

  • @keyd0s Even an old GPU will out perform a CPU for mining. Silly? what model..., how are the drives connected SATA III, USB3 ??

  • the onboard GPU of the motherboard : H81 Pro BTC. it says it has a intel HD graphics onboard, I'm not sure which one, I think 4400/4600. And yes both of these, internal harddrives by sataIII, external harddrives by usb 3.0