Questions on mining,pools and the such

  • Ok not sure if this is the right section to do this but I'm sure if it isnt then it will be moved!!!

    Ok since i been in burst i have mined on pools thru the windows client and with everything that has been going on it has twigged a few questions in my head and would like to see were i can go with this .

    Firstly as a suggestion would it be possible to add a feature to the wallet to simplify solo-mining, as in new people come to burst and have no idea on setting up mining solo, much like the pool minig, but geared towards solo-moning, just file the boxes and click ?
    Would more people solo-mining benefit the network? like more de-centralized or would it be a better option to open up more pools?
    I mean i would be happy to open up a mining pool or 2 if that would be beneficial to Burst as a whole or Solo-mine , and im looking at this via the bigger picture, the network needs to be strong and to me more decentralized as i see most people pool mine and only a hand full of pools seem to have the majority of the miner's?? I mean I could be wrong, still learning Burst , huge learning curve , but also want to help the network and community, hence me asking questions ..

  • @Bitdv i believe when you solo mine you dedicate a node.. so more solo miners the better.. i think..... network needs nodes from my understanding

  • I am not very clever so a one click miner in the wallet would be great for people like me who are totally crapola at mining.

  • @Bitdv I believe you can only solo mine using the local wallet so you need to download the blockchain and keep it running while mining. This would indeed set you up as a dedicated node while also mining solo at the same time.

  • I am interested in this as well, I mean the understanding of SOLO mining and it's relation to the network, node, benefits, pools etc. I have totally no clue about solo mining and it's benefit except the fact that U mine on ur local wallet 😃