Study into Pool Sync Problems

  • I decided to to do a search of the pools that have found at least one block in last 10 days, according to the Network Pool info listed on the burst-team site.

    This is what I found. Now, there is a bit of variability between pools, but they fall under the two major categories. ( pool is classified as BASE time)

    Time 1 (Base Time)
    Lexitoshi Pool

    Time 2 (Miniute + behind)
    Burst Mining Club
    Tross Pool
    NEWS Asset Pool
    Cork City Burst Pool
    BTFG Pool

    SocalGuy pool
    Main Pool Burst4All
    V2 Pool
    jacks pool development
    Burst4All Pool Main
    ccminer burstpool

    Now let me be clear, I have full faith in AND Lexitoshi. I run Lexitoshi's pool code inf act and give him part of the block reward 🙂

    This list is only to show WHERE the discrepency lies and may help developers to find the cause.

  • Seems after i did this, both showed up as stuck and fixed itself and is back on sync, and lexi still stuck but im sure that will get fixed