Downloaded 3.9 wallet but it won't finish syncing

  • I downloaded wallet 3.9 and it sync at 100 percent after 3 days. Then the burst coin I had on my online wallet showed up on my local wallet which was great. Then I went to put a name on my account and it changed it . I also bought 2 assets and it showed at well. When I went to plot my hard drive it completed in a few hrs for 150 G and that completed. When I went to mine it acted weird and it asked for a passphase. I cut and paste like I always do and it showed another weird name on the account so I logged out and put my passphase again and it logged me back to my account but this time it didn't show anything I previously did like buy the assets and changed the name and only showed 1/4 the amount of burst I have. I saw that it needed to sync because it was at 98.54 percent complete then it would go to 99.71 percent complete and b ack and forth for 10 hrs and still has not synced completely. Not i'm concern if I lost my assets and my burst coins. Please any help would be appreciated . It has been stock on block 325960 for over 10 hrs and doesn't do anything. I restarted it a few times but noting.

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    Your coins and assets are save on the blockchain.

    During plotting the blockchain downloads very very slowly due to priorities of each function. I'm going to fix this in the next version.

    Use the online wallet in the meantime.

  • The plotting is complete but the syncing is not. I also wanted to know can I start mining if the blockchain is not sync yet. it's at 99.71 percent complete but something weird is going on with it because it wont finish syncing.

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    @hernandezjo2017 The wallet is fully functional even without a fully synced blockchain. This includes mining and plotting.

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  • yes im having the same problems , blockchain isnt loading, im not a guru at computers. i just hope to some type of guidance here.

  • I have the same problem can anyone help me please