Mining on different computers - trying to have drives show up under same name on pool

  • I have 2 computers with plots. One PC with 2 external dives and one plotted C drive on a lap top. I started on the laptop with the two drives connected, however the overall connection was too slow. I was able to add the two external drives to an additional PC. Being that they were already plotted, I simply downloaded a new wallet, and started mining away. The wallets reflect the same amount of coin on each computer, however the total TB is not showing up in the pool under my name "Pyramid" at - which is only showing the laptop hard drive capacity at @ 500MB.

    How do I sink up multiple mining set-ups with different computers so that my pool name shows all of the drives together?

  • admin

    @gwagner It depends on the miner you use Blago's, and I believe jMiner, both report the plot size to the pool - but the pool doesn't combine the sizes, it just reports one of the values.

    If you use older miners that don't report the plot size to the pool, then the pool will estimate the size of your plots.

  • I guess I asked the question too soon. Looks like the pool caught up to the amount of TB I am running. It must just take a certain time to see it (about 1/2 a day in my case).

    The good news about that is that all anyone has to do is load a wallet and their passphrase and start mining - on any computer - and sooner or later, the pool will combine all of the space you are mining and show it on the original name you picked!

  • @gwagner,

    I routinely mine on two computers and the pools typically only report one or the other capacity, I think depending on which one reported first. I've never seen my full cap reported when using two miners. That being said, it doesn't matter what's reported the full capacity is feeding the pool DLs.