[ANN] Lex4All

  • Hi All,

    released a new asset called Lex4All (just to be clear that the project name is staying the same. we had to call the asset something different otherwise users would get confused about which asset is which) , this asset will be the one continuing the Burst4All project. It is currently backed by 60tb of mining power in the initial stages while i build a machine for even more mining power! Funds are in hand to order !
    the asset will include half of lexpools (http://burst.lexitoshi.uk) fee's in the dividends, fees from the miners and also random bonus's from burst nation. this also includes a fair amount of 402 shares

    Dividend Frequency: Weekly
    Asset ID: 2264511436216725766
    Initial Release: 100k shares at 15 burst per share.

    Listed on coinmarketcap


    i will be taking over lead with IceBurst as head dev on this project.

    The larger payout that was offered to asset holders on Monday had an additional buffer to help ease over during the transition period as per the original agreement that was renegged.

    The asset still holds 1.5 Million Burst to be transferred as well to me to help me start building my mining backing for the asset. (500k will be held in case any issues arise and will be transferred as well a couple days later). This is ideal because from the start the asset was structured to be decentralized in the sense that not one location hold all it's resources.

    i has have full support from the prior owners on this project including access to resources needed to operate the project.

    As for the asset swap, we are going to do it, value for value. So we are offering 3 choices for the investors, they are free to choose whatever path(s) they like.

    You may redeem your B4A tokens in this fashion:

    • 1 Token can get you 2 shares of the new Burst4All called Lex4All (Asset ID:2264511436216725766)
    • 2 Tokens can get you 1 share of BurstMC (Asset ID:18029223201412514682)
    • 2 Tokens can get you 1 share of BurstCombo (Asset ID:3558383635212006927)

    The changes to the assets:

    • Lex4All will be getting 100TB miner until i can get my setup done and that one actually pays more than the current one.
      i have the funds at hand to start my build.
    • lBurstMC will be getting the focus's 65TB miner added to it's dividend payouts.
    • BurstCombo will be getting a 72TB Miner added to it's revenue streams. Drives are here and waiting to get plotted

    To redeem your tokens all you need to do is transfer to the following accounts:

    • Burst4All --> BurstMC Tranfer send your tokens to this address: BURST-6J3F-8A3J-ZVSN-84624
    • Burst4All --> BurstCombo Tranfer send your tokens to this address: BURST-KMDH-5MW2-6XHC-6F5HU
    • Burst4All --> Lex4All Tranfer send your tokens to this address: BURST-CRRG-JVZH-Z2KY-FSZ2S

    swaps will be done manually and done daily commencing tomorrow

  • @Lexicon I'm happy that you're taking the lead on this project. How many shares of 402 will back your asset ? Will all their dividends be included in your payouts ? What are your long term goals and plans with this asset ?

  • Lex, I'm glad you took the wheel on this one but so many questions... where to start...

    Right off the bat, why change the name? And also, why are the miners being split up? Weren't they built from the IPO monies? The more I look at this, the less it makes sense... Why would the asset funds be used to build a new miner if the previous asset funds were already used to build a miner? The miner that you're replacing? What happens to the Burst4All pools? Will there be multiple Lex4All pools structured in a similar way? Please help me out here, I love this project but it seems to be getting convoluted now.

    Additionally, it's unclear to me how your building of a miner to take over for theirs is contributing to the theme of decentralization here. Please clarify your intent.

  • Lex, I'm Glad your taking over this Asset!!! I will be sending my Burst4All Asset for Lex4All Asset! I'm looking forward for this project in the future Lex!

    Where do I redeem my B4A tokens?! Do you have a Address So I could send them to you Lex?!


  • If I own B4ALL, what do I do to get tokens?

  • @k.coins the miners are not being split up or replaced its additional, can you please stop rewriting your comment its difficult to reply, most of the miners are in north america, and im setting up an additional miner in the uk. all the payments from the other miners will go through towards asset dividends. to further develop the asset i might put forward the idea that a percentage of the funds would go towards additional storage to promote growth.

    merging of the pools should be seamless

    as for my intent. im picking up a project that has been refused to be taken over by another community member and i wouldn't say im gaining from this venture as im donating half of the fees for my pool which is much bigger than the current pool at pool.burst4all.com. the mobile pool will remain the same.

    i chose this name because i lack originality when it comes to matters like these. im the type of person who would write code with variables like fudgyfactor. or thingy1 thingy2 etc.

    i would appreciate it if you could stop changing your comment as it makes it difficult to reply in a timely manner

    @Gadrah_ 400,000 402 and all the dividends will be included in the payouts, long term goals above has a bit more info

    @kmaxkmax and @CesBurst1782 you can transfer them by sending the b4atokens to the addreses listed in the OP

  • @Lexicon Done Both Assets on the way for Lex4All Asset trade!!!


  • @Lexicon I don't have tokens just shares. If I were to buy more shares off the market, will I get tokens for those aswell?

  • @Lexicon sorry man, I should have formulated my questions a head of time but more things came to mind and I didn't want to post a string of replies. And I'm not trying to dog on your name, I just didn't understand the need to change it at all. But I get it, you needed to make a new asset, rather than figuring out how to transfer what was already there. I'll go do some DD and get the rest of my thoughts organized before coming at you like that again.

    But seriously, I (we, the investors) really appreciate you taking this responsibility over and my concern is not your philosophical intent. The questions were in regards to the intended consequences of replacing previous mining builds. Perhaps I was confused by the OP but will try to wrap my head around what you are saying a little more. Thanks for the reply -k

  • @kmaxkmax the shares you buy off the market would of of been bought off someone who already had the tokens sent to them. so far two people have came forward and said they have sent the tokens back. this was mr grey and gagentlemang. the transfers are managed and done by focus.

    @k-coins its ok to have these concerns and thanks for letting me know them first. im sorry for misinterpreting your concern.

  • admin

    @Lexicon Maybe I missed something - but what are these tokens? I've got a large chunk of B4ALL Shaes, but tokens ???

  • sent you the tokens :) Goodluck Lexi

  • Sent you the tokens!

  • @haitch said in Lex4All:

    @Lexicon Maybe I missed something - but what are these tokens? I've got a large chunk of B4ALL Shaes, but tokens ???

    hi buddy,

    from what ive been told by focus is that none of the original organizers/devs/owners/inventors etc... get anything except IceBurst. the token reclaim part of this asset is organised by him and im only going off his instruction. this includes Crow's, Focus's and Adam's shares. apparently this is because most of the shares the organizers/devs/owners/inventors etc had were given to them at no cost and as its no longer being run by these people this was taken into consideration

    in other news asset transfer for today has been done. below is the output.

    Sending Replacement assets(3558383635212006927)...
    Amount, Account, Tran ID
    3.15, BURST-WK92-4RKB-L4N2-EWE3M, 10623881683156804328
    5316.5, BURST-FK9X-CMV2-4Q7Q-C4P4S, 11831530506906264775

    Sending Replacement assets(18029223201412514682)...
    Amount, Account, Tran ID
    115, BURST-ZEN8-36GN-VPBV-3KB3P, 8431134110785367163
    4974, BURST-P4T9-KJH6-GLBH-GPZA5, 2400465212987835172
    500, BURST-FK9X-CMV2-4Q7Q-C4P4S, 12213201532863957193

    Sending Replacement assets(2264511436216725766)...
    Amount, Account, Tran ID
    4000, BURST-RUZL-B47J-8RN5-7C354, 9279515941150598185
    16000, BURST-X7JB-G8M6-YKKC-CEG2M, 583364984064027181
    600, BURST-LNEU-GE3V-DWPU-44L3E, 14217059210242454421
    280, BURST-4ETQ-958Y-FDG5-BXTPC, 9539802510048152608
    5300, BURST-FNL6-KKK6-32T4-3LNQ9, 11968723514169992131
    1592, BURST-FGHZ-Y7GP-5BTN-256ZJ, 519857901933972055
    37, BURST-7LY2-R35G-YR8E-H3YKG, 9566243275911940807
    4, BURST-G7WM-HN7K-ESVJ-FFTDJ, 16334561766026018365
    320, BURST-KAX7-CGMU-2X7B-CMFBH, 5180901187495974075
    200, BURST-2JWG-C6K4-M29B-2KUWQ, 12887368055695700235
    1200, BURST-9XFH-CFS7-CZKQ-29D3E, 11936307139250281412
    10000, BURST-GGPX-PP5S-LAGP-CBGCU, 601781002000524979
    20000, BURST-N996-XNNG-PVR2-63XMN, 16241978977733305463
    4200, BURST-PT54-8A45-ZX2L-5426V, 2840488914765340839
    14381, BURST-4ALL-WYSE-YUK4-76QY7, 986703529468201002
    4, BURST-TQM3-976W-CTBT-5ZA7Q, 6346211980072773640
    39201, BURST-SVAS-9L6W-E97Z-CK3JY, 7415446848647475581
    358, BURST-NTZE-9NJG-KKT8-AMY6Q, 10869913679071753068
    82000, BURST-7C4H-2JA3-EQ7L-BTYKX, 13776632920018647684
    1000, BURST-9BN2-8UN7-EJDU-23VHY, 4724597221988942569
    3500, BURST-4G8L-Q6ME-KM5M-43W4L, 17313824027799292985

    5 of the lex4all transfers failed to send due to the account being undefined. odd error. ill have to identify these and send them out manually

  • @Lexicon Thank you for the update!

  • admin

    @Lexicon Okay, I can accept the original ones I was given becoming worthless, but what about the 60K Burst I spent buying additional coins ?

  • @haitch thanks for letting me know bud i didn't know that send me all your shares and ill send you over the 60k burst

  • admin

    @Lexicon Thanks a lot. Which address?

  • @haitch BURST-GKHD-SQV2-4GJ9-FUA79

  • admin

    @Lexicon On their way - thanks again.