Need help fixing a lot of overlap errors

  • OK, so long story short, I've been wondering why I am seeing horrible mining results with my 19TB spanned over 2 PCs and five external HDDs. I even changed pools but that doesn't seem to be the issue. The more I read (and understand) some posts here about overlap problems, I am beginning to think that this is my true problem, but I still don't understand exactly the cause or the best way to fix them.

    Cause: I've read that changing Drive letters is the main cause of the overlap error. I do believe that this may have happened on my PC1 as I used to have a 4th drive plugged in and I think that after I dismounted it, the other drive letters may have changed (not 100% sure). But on PC2 I don't think this is the issue since I have only had 2 HDDs plugged into that one, so still a bit baffled as the what is causing this.

    I am getting multiple overlap errors (about 15-20) on each PC.

    My plot/optimize strategy over the past few months has been to make relatively small plots of about 300GB (since I am using CPU plotter in the Win Burst Client GUI) and filling one HDD up to about 90%. Then start using the PlotOpt program to optimize these plots one at a time, creating the new optimized plot on the 2nd drive, which deletes the original plot on the 1st drive after completing. Could this be the problem? I was originally told that this is how most people do it, but could crossing drives like that be causing this overlap issue? Would it be better to just optimize plots within the same HDD?

    Fix: so, I am almost afraid to ask this but is the only way to fix the overlap error to delete 1 of the 2 files that are overlapped? If so, this wold be very disheartening because I would likely have delete close to half of my 19TB that has taken me months to plot and optimize. Is there any other solution? or do i just need to go through all of the instances of overlap and figure out which deletes will cause the least pain?

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    @GabryRox With multiple PC's you need to use Advanced mode and manually configure you starting none number. The AIO Wallet picks the starting nonce based on the drive letter. So if you mine drive C: on one PC, it'll start at nonce 3,000,000. If you then plot drive c on the second PC, it'll also start at nonce 3,000,000. As it's two separate PC's the miner won't warn

    My advice: plot the whole drive using the AIO on PC1, on PC2, plot the drives as a whole again, but add 10,000,000 to the starting nonce starting point.


    The wallet will plot from 3,000,000 on PC1, on PC2, manually select parameters and set mining parameters to starting nonce as 13,000,000

  • Thanks for the explanation and tips. While this was good learning for me that I shall put to use in potential future expansion of my Burst mining operation, I don't believe this is what has caused my current overlap problem, and this is why...

    When I look at my 2 rigs, there are no common drive letters being used between the two. Rig1 is using drives E & F, while rig2 is using drives H, I & K. Furthermore, when I start mining on each rig, I only get overlap warnings specific to that rig... meaning on rig1, all of the warnings listed are on drives E & F and similarly with rig2, all between the H, I & K drives. So to me, this means the problem is specific to each rig, meaning not being caused by having multiple rigs.

    Therefore, any advice on the best way to both fix my current problem and avoid it in the future would be highly appreciated.

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  • @GabryRox when you have overlapped plots. Compare the size of the two files and delete the smaller of the two. You need to read-up on nonces and plotting.

    example overlapped

    example not overlapped

    tricky examples, but if you understand why you will not have the issue again.

  • @GabryRox I could not tell you how it happened because I never plotted out of the AIO Wallet. But what I can tell you is that you will have to do all plots again!-/ They are a mess!
    some basics first:

    In the picture your showing you see most or all of your plotfiles. The filenames consist different numbers, which are:

    D:\Burst\plots\<your numeric account no>_<start noce>_<number of nonces>_<stager size>

    "stager size" is unimportant for now.

    All the nonces in your plotfiles should be arranged sequentially. It does not matter if there are gaps between but you cant have the same nonce twice!

    If you start your first file with <"start noce" 8000> an add <"number of noces" 1000>
    the next file has to start with <"start nonce" 9000>!

    If you look at your files you wont need an calculator to see that they are overlapping!-/

    now, I'd say 19Tb+ is worth doing it manually! Its easy!

    download Xplotter read the instructions and plot you first disk. When its finished get the numbers from the first file add them together and use them as the <start nonce> for the next disk.

    you'll be done in no time!-)