Memory Dual channel vs Quad channel for mining

  • Hello guys.

    AMD 's Ryzen details were announced. I was waiting for this detailed data. Because I was thinking of preparing a PC dedicated to mining.
    Ryzen's core number, price, cache system was as expected. But there is one thing that I care about.
    That is that Ryzen's memory channel is Dual. It is not Quad!
    Do you think this will have a major impact on mining speed?

  • @Hajime You don't need a beefy PC to mine Burstcoin, so I think it will have zero practical impact on mining speed. If AMD had to cut corners somewhere, then memory channels are a smart place to do it (vs core count, IPC, TDP, etc). In practical use, quad channel gives very little performance benefit and you only feel that benefit in certain highly intensive multi-threaded applications.

  • @sevencardz In my opinion, when someone else submitted a good score to the network and the time limit has come, I can submit better scores if I do not scan all HDDs and scan the remaining HDDs I think that mining speed is important.
    If it is mining with a pool, I want to scan all the HDDs in order to submit a high score to the pool even if I can not get the top score.

  • @Hajime the greatest impact on mining speed is the type of interface used to connect to the drives.

    Essentially the size of the data pipe
    From fastest to slowest
    USB II
    1 Gb LAN

    After that then the GPU/CPU are a consideration.

  • @iKnow0 Thank you for advice.
    I am using jminer. When I observe changes in the memory used of the PC in Task Manager, loading from HDDs is faster than mining, and 32 GB of memory will be overflowing even when narrowing the number of HDDs to be loaded to about six .
    The current processing speed is around 250 MB / sec, but I would like to raise it to about 500 MB / sec.

    However, since two of the GPU to plot and the GPU to mining are stuck in the PCI Express bus, I think that it will be a little faster if one goes through. But I think that the bottleneck is loading from the main memory to the CPU rather than the number of PCI Express lanes and GPU speed.

  • @Hajime if you are plotting while mining there will be a performance hit. Jminer uses both CPU and GPU.

    i have 24 drives, 3 x 8 port sata III controller, 500 MB/s, 12GB Ram, 12 Core CPU.GPU AMD R9 270

  • @iKnow0 What is CPU model number and memory speed? (Using DDR4 quad channel?)

  • @Hajime DDR2 , 2 x Opteron 2419 1.8 GHz

  • @iKnow0 Oh... It's very important data. Many thanks!
    I will buy Ryzen machine for mining only.