Payout Dividends not working

  • In the burst wallet, on the left under Asset Exchange, when I click on Payout Dividends, then the first box, which is green, dividends... Well, when I click that and try to just calculate the dividends for asset id: 1892701762360056549 it just hangs there. I'm running an i5 w/ 8gb ram, and even tried running just the wallet by itself and it still hangs. I left it alone for about 45 minutes and i had to end the process tree. is this normal, or should it be a bit faster?

  • @xaocs the question is how big of an asset you want to calculate those divies for is 🙂 it hangs because the script thats in the wallet makes tons of calls to api basically killing the connection - at least that was the reason when i tried on my small asset.

    next if you dont mind a b it of an experiment and dont need to exclude anyone from the list (except issuer as it is excluded by default) i can give you a link to my github and show what files you will need (or i can just zip em and place in my google drive as i usualy do with mod). The system is kinda experimental and if there is a lot of holders i recomend then to use manual send (button for each holder) instead of autoPay but you can try autoPay if not scared something might go wrong lol

    Anyways shoot me a PM if interested 😉

  • Thank you. I had to set priority one step higher for the java client and the burst wallet. That seemed to fix the problem.
    If I have future problems, I might just go with your option.

  • @xaocs one thing i could say for certain the calculation would be made fast 🙂

    good thing it worked for you 🙂

    oh and if your using 1.2.8 if its not too hard for you post how much RAM its eating while idle and during payout 🙂