Plotting my second external Hard Drive

  • Hey Experts 🙂
    Pls help me out with some questions. I Plottet my first Hard Drive some months ago. it took some time for plotting 898gb of free space.
    Now i wanted to give it a try and plot my 4tb usb3.0 external harddrive. i dont know why but it is now plotting for 40 hours. And im at "3.400.000 nounce done" does it really take another 5 days for me to finish? that would mean that i need one week to go for a 4 tb usb 3.0 hard disk?
    ive read many posts here and some people go 4tb in 24h or something like that. Why does it take so long for me?
    i will stick some screens so maybe you can give me some hints.

    xplotter avx:
    alt text

    wallet aio version(from where i started the plotting):
    alt text

    xplotter taskmanager:
    alt text

    usb hdd:
    alt text

    win version and system specs:
    alt text

    plotting nonces/min:
    alt text

    What makes me some questions is why the plotting process is sometimes grey and sometimes yellow. when it is grey the cpu doesnt make anything and is at 0% in taskmanager.

    is the usb 3.0 hdd a bottleneck? writing scoops takes longer than building the nonces. so it switches from yellow to gray making the cpu going nearly to idle till the writing scoopes reches 100% then the cpu repeats to work and making nonces.

    alt text

    I dont think the usb 3.0 hard drive is a bottleneck. before plotting i copied a big file to it for testing hdd speed and the file copied real quick!

    maybe you can help me to get plotting more fast.
    if you need any further information just ask.

    thank you 🙂

  • cpu and memory cache is a big deal in plotting. If it takes 5 days to finish your plot it is what your pc can do fairly. Times like this its good to remember that this will only needed to be done once and its the best your hardware can do. 1TB takes me 80 hours. I quote to you an old saying "Rome wasn't built in a day"

  • GPU plotting is better than CPU imho. 80 hrs to plot 1TB of drive using CPU loool.

  • yeah my pc makes me feel like i can get out and push faster my gpu plots so slow the screen freezes. Its best to try understand though, it can take forever for a plot but it only needs to be done once and its worth the wait. windows 7 isn't the best to mine with windows 10 would be better (not saying it has to be done) if i was given choice between better than win 7 for nothing i'd go linux.

  • well the problem is that win 10 crashes my lappi dunno why it just sux. ok maybe i should go for gpu plotting on next hdd 😉 what about the quality of the files? is it the same plotting gpu or plotting cpu? or can they be kind of optimized?

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