Changing target deadline in AIO

  • I am using the installable AIO wallet.
    I thought I was changing the traget deadline in the miner.conf file but as soon as the miner starts it puts the value back to its default?
    Am I missing something?
    Also,assuming I get this sorted, what would be the correct value to set at?
    I have 10TB with my local machine but am also mining to the same address on a VPS with another 3TB.
    Thanks for your help

  • I would take the folder an put it on the desktop. turn off wallet and run it standalone!

  • @machasm Don't start miner from the wallet, start it from the miner's folder.
    Each time you start miner from the wallet it will restore some defaults.

  • Thank you Gentlemen.

  • If I have two instances (machines) both mining to the same wallet address do I need to set the deadline as a total of the two combined machines or each machine separately?