Need advice for miner

  • Hello to all, I'm planning soon to make 200TB miner, but I would like to hear from you guys which kind of server I need, to I can run this baby smoothly, to can fast read plots, etc...
    I would really like to hear some advices..
    thnks to all for time

  • @DeMiBo first thing you need to do is educated yourself. You would not try to re-assemble a car with out have the knowledge of a mechanic.

  • Like iKnow0 said take ur time to know everything about burst mining first. Because u don't need a server to mine Burst, what U need is hard drives.

    I started few days ago also and had a vision to get 128 TB of hard drive but first start with small things. Start with ur own drives that U own on ur PC. I have a 1TB drive so I started to play around with it to know the mechanics and know more about it. In the future I want to buy an 8TB drive to do a try out with bigger drives and then gonna decide if I want to continue further to build a mining rig or not. Mining is not a sprint, it's a marathon, there is a learning curve here and it's a process that takes time and investment with risks etc. Failure is part of that process so U need to think about that already.

    Don't jump into something without any knowledge. And don't worry about anything, more coins like Burst will surely come in the future, u can have a start ahead by learning the basics and if a second coin like Burst comes out, u gonna be ready with Ur 200TB in the future 😉

    In a nutshell the Universe was not created in 1 day and no human ever knew how to walk the second he was born.

  • First I want to thank you all for answer. Second I'm mining almost one year with 40TB and I want to make bigger farm, so I'm not new in this, I know how to walk, but anyway thanks all for good advices ;).. I'm working now, so later I will add some photos of my first baby. I have now even some photos but you can't see hdd, only GPU's!0_1487933027474_IMG_4869.JPG I'll add later more photos

  • 0_1487953619673_IMG_4927.JPG

  • Like I already said, I started before one year with mining and I felt in love immediately in this world, so I was thinking to grow little bit..
    So any help will be welcome

  • @DeMiBo you seem to be doing just fine, if you could be more specific as to what type of advice you are looking for we could help you further. Server?? Post a few options of what you have in mind then people can offer specific advice.

  • Well I'm planning to buy soon more 150TB hdd, I know how to plot disks and make mining rig, but I'm not sure how strong computer I need to run that miner and which O.S. to use, I'm using now Windows 10.