Overlaping plots issue ;/ [SOLVED]

  • Hey,

    So i have another issue now. After running the miner I have an error that a possible overlapping is in my plots in drive D.

    There is only one 400GB plot there and it look like this -> myWalletNumerId_0_1638400_1638400

    I used xplotter to plot the drive and just started the nounce with 0. So I don't understand why the miner say that there is an overlap.

    My second question also: If I have 2 drives, both can have plot start from 0 right?

  • @pr0cesor The plot numbers are not drive based but account based.. So you cant haven the same plot numbers even if you use different drives (for the same account).

    Source: based on my experience

  • I started with the last nounce the first drive plotted, I will report if it will work in few hours.

  • @pr0cesor the second drive being started at the same nonce as the first drive (nonce 0) is what's causing the overlap, replot your second drive but set the start nonce as 1638401

  • To prevent overlap all drives and plots must cover different nonces so it's easiest to start your first drive and first plot at nonce 0 and then sequentially number number the nonces as you plot.


    Drive 1 gets plotted from 0 -1438400, Drive 2 is the same size plot so Drive 2's plot nonces would be nonce 1438401 - 2876801 etc etc

    (Please note you can adjust how big your plot is by adjusting the number of nonces)

    1GB = 4096 nonces

  • @socal Yes I already got the picture and now everything is fine ^^. Thx for the tips.

    But just another question before I set this to solved, does running jminer with admin rights does something extra to mining?

  • @pr0cesor not sure since I use Blagos Miner, as far as I know the only thing that requires you to run as admin is the plotter and running it as admin allows it to use the config you setup instead of the base config

  • As I thought, the overlap was do to the fact that plots on both drive started with 0. I fixed it by just continuing the nounces on the second drive.