Idea for Colocated mining setup

  • Let me start by saying, I work in a data center, with 190GB/s at the core.

    I have a few poweredge 2950's (old I know), that I'm getting rid of to make room for 2 x dell storage arrays, and 1 x poweredge r710.

    The entire purpose, is to mine burst with that equipment. I plan on getting around 344 TB of storage going, plotted, and mining.

    It will take me a while to do the storage part, but I already have the equipment, except the harddrives. I have just over 50 TB of storage now, in varying drive sizes, and will make all of the drives 8tb drives once finished.

    So far, I have:
    1 x storage array
    1 x r710 server
    and the 50 tb of disk space, plotted, but re-plotting at the moment due to a mistake during my first setup.

    So my question is, to push this project along, do you guys think I should go with crowdfunding, and implement assets as well?

    before you ask, yes, I can provide proof via pictures and videos if need be. We have a solid setup here in Dallas.

  • @xaocs
    crowdfunding? That's mainly for Projects that promote Burst in some fashion.

    An asset would be the way to go, read this:

    Also take into consideration that if you raise Burst for your asset and then dump that on the exchange it will have a negative impact on the price of Burst, avoid this if at all possible.

    Other advice would be to
    get ID verified,
    Asset Insurance
    Also you are relatively new to the forum, so many including myself will be weary of such an asset due to previous asset scams. You need to build trust.
    A detailed plan with projected earnings

    Other than all that, good luck with your asset.

  • All great ideas. Thank you @iKnow0

    I am going to write all of this down and get working on it.

    As far as trust goes, I'm aware. There are plenty of scammers out there where ever you go unfortunately. I won't be putting it on the market immediately or anything, I want to mine enough burst to at least cover the entirety of the assets.

    I will absolutely avoid impacting the burst price in a negative fashion. That just wouldn't be good for me, or anyone else in the long run.

    For the detailed plan, I'm currently working on it. I'm about 60% finished, and am waiting on a rep from both dell, and hpe to get back to me about another storage array. I think I'll be sticking with dell. Also, I'll have an outline/diagram of the inbound, outbound connections, location address, and plenty of pictures for it as well. I would like to make it as transparent as possible on my side.

    This will take me about 10-12 weeks to achieve, and I do want to help promote burst at the same time.

    With what I'm proposing, what do you think would be a good idea for me to also implement spreading awareness of burstcoin?

  • @xaocs Not sure if it could be done but

    if you could set it up as a Burst mining contract or similar and get it listed above such that it had the shortest payback period, then it would turn heads and do wonders for Burst and your asset at the same time. You have the technical know how and contacts to pull it off, plus the investors would be buying in Bitcoin, so the Burst price would not be affected by your setup costs.