How to use the same plotting to other drive, in same account ?

  • Hi i have some problem, when i do plotting and copy paste it to other drive but still same account why i get overlapping issue? Do i do it the wrong way? can someone tell me the right or a good way to use same plotting in other drive


  • @shirotama You cannot use the same plot files. You must create each plot files individually using the plotting application.


    • each plot files contains the account ID in them.
    • same nonces in two different plot files will create overlap issues (copy-pasting and wrong nonce calculation leads to this)

    So the only way is to create them individually using the plotter and with the right nonce number. You can use the batch plot generator available in this forum (Burst software section) to create multiple plot files automatically.

    Check out this post:

  • you can cut paste them from one drive to another but not copy paste, because you will have duplicat plots , overlap... also if you are using the AIO client and doing all of your ploting on one drive then moving the plots to another drive .. it start's the plot file at a predetermined # depending on the HDD's Drive letter C: will start with 30000001 , 😨 with 40000001 ect.. ect.. it also scan's that drive for previous plot's and will start it at the next nonce # in order... so if you ploted 1TB on C: you would end up with a plot file starting with 30000001, and then move that plot file to say your E: drive or even another comp and then use that same C: drive to make another plot file you will be creating a duplicate file unless you click the advanced tab and specify it to start at nonce # of your choice