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  • Ok this is a thread for me to lay out the future plans of BTCDragon Casino, what im aiming for, were i want it to go, a general area were people can discuss, offer advice and look for answers..
    I have set up a dedicated discord channel for more live chats here : https://discord.gg/NeCvQQ8 so join , will look at adding areas within it and also private chats if people wish to not publicly ask questions or want the identity kept private.

    OK then, as most people are aware one of the main goals for BTCDragon Casino is to become a Multi-currency Casino, we as in myself and FlashRevolution (coder and main brain lol) have spent many hours looking, discussing, creating and head butting desks during this process, we are moving along at a faster pace than i actually envisaged, so that's a major plus .

    Ok as for Dividends my main goal here is to stabilize it over 1 burst per dividend payout per asset, which is 1% return per week based on the 100 burst per asset, yes i do expect it to be more, but im not going to over promise anything and also, yes there will be weeks were i expect a lower return, factoring in many things holidays, world events and so on were people will be busy doing other things in the real world.

    As of the moment Bictcoin and Burstcoin can be used on BTCDragon. I have spoken to Moneypot and Rubies and NXT will be added to there platform for gaming and as soon as these are added they will also be added to BTCDragon, which in turn will increase the user base and in theory earnings.
    A few people have asked "Why do we need a moneypot account?, why can we just have our own login system?" Ok Moneypot is well know and trusted, there security is great and also helps us to not have to code our own userbase system saving money on coding/time and space on our servers, leaving more time/money and so forth on doing what we want to do build BTCDragon, increase userbase and in turn increase profits and also create more games and add features to the site.
    Ok basically we can add any crypto currency we want, i have been approached by a couple, some i said basically no, to me they were either to new or crap, as there is a cost to add each coin, time, coding to duplicate games, systems, security, bankrolls and the list goes on . I would like to add 8 more crypto currency's in the near future, this will increase the user base, see 99% of currency's have games and its usually Dice, this is a legacy game and has provided many years of entertainment to 1000's and has earn't its place in the crypto realm. I am looking at adding a new level to it and have unique games in development for the casino and thats what i want it to become a CASINO, not just a site with a few games but develop games, bring new ideas, new features and new entertainment to people.
    For example with the game Egyptian Treasures the FREE game feature, that's got them stumped how we were able to put that into one of our games on Moneypot, So it doesn't dis-advantage users, moneypot, investors or BTCDragon, well thats mine and FlashRevolutions secret, i have actually been offered money from people to let them know, some one will work it out eventually, there is some smart cookies out there, but for the time being its our little edge. it took us many hours of testing and re-making and re-testing to get it so it worked and fit within the parameters set by MoneyPot, but we did it. And we have more to come!!
    On my thread on bitcoin talk it is know that BTCDragon Casino is a Burst Asset and i have many responses and messages from people on how to get part of the asset, why wasn't it released like on bitcointalk, why is the asset a Burstcoin asset and I have sent many reply's explaining all of this.
    Out of all the crypto's and systems I looked at BurstCoin stood out to me, the community, development and goals of the community at large, the passion many have for it and something that not many cryptos out there have dedication for it .
    So I have thought about how to go ahead with BTCDragon and Burst to make it even more successful for BTCDragon, Burst, Asset holder's and myself and will put it all down and discuss with those that want to talk about it, take feedback and ideas from you all.
    Ok down to the meat in the sandwich, to develop all this there are a few factors to consider and are needed
    Time (major factor) : Nothing is done over-night, BTCDragon started way before it was released as a asset, we need time to allow this to develop and blossom to its full potential.

    Talent (major factor) : FlashRevolution has proven that he is up to the task, me and him have spent countless hours talking, discussing, dis-agreeing and solving many problem's, he does know what he is talking about and can also think outside the box when it comes to difficult challengers and hasn't let me down! If have been testing many avenues for promotion and am happy with the direction the people and business use to get the casino out there. The company i use for servers i have used for a extremely long time and have always given me great service and when problems have arisen, have always handled and sorted them professionally and in a great time frame.

    Money (major factor) : This is the subject people get there knickers in a knot about lol. and yes I do agree people should always look into things first before investing, your a fool if you don't.
    For projects people need to get paid!! End of story, Servers need to paid for, FlashRevolution needs to be paid ( he works for himself, he has bills, taxes, commitments and day to day expenses), Then there is the subject of bankrolls these have to be put into place and security, this is a cost and falls into all 3 major factors, time for testing, bug checking, developing and also buying the appropriate software.
    Some has to be paid in advance, some after and some on a regular basis.
    Some have to be paid with fiat, while others can be paid with cryptos or a combination of both.

    there are many other factors but there the main 3 .

    So here is what i am proposing!!

    There are 600,000 Assets left of these 50,000 be placed into another account ( will explain why further down)
    of these 60,000 were ear market for me as my 10%, i will only take half this amount as for the other half I would like to do 1 of 2 things and would like you guys too decide what to do with it
    option 1. use it as bounties for services or help with the building of BTCDragon, this could be bugs found, promotions provided and so on or so forth>
    option 2. Donate them to a worth while cause within the Burst community, Devs fund? promotion of Burst in general? create a faucet for them ? or to help people in general within and outside of the Burst community?

    Ok that leaves us with 490,000 BtcDragon Assets , a lot of people have asked me will i take other coins as payment for assets, originally I was only going to take Burst and some BTC , but with the advent of adding other currency's to the casino, I thought this would be the opportunity to actually raise funds for the other bankrolls plus also to add more Burst to the Burst side bankroll as it was opened early and I added 3 million Burst to the bankroll already and wasn't suppose to happen to next asset release as that is what that was for .
    Ok there is 2 ways to do this

    option 1 :
    These all go up for sale both in the Burst market and also for other crypto currency's. All dividends will be still paid out in Burst so people that decide to invest in the Asset will have to create Burst Wallets, bring new people into the Burst eco-system and also promoting Burst in general and also stimulate the Burst trading further.

    option 2 :
    Sell them in batches 50,000 a week using the same as above both on the burst and crypto at the same time
    Accepting cryptos will take the pressure of having to sell burst, as yes i will have to convert to BTC or fiat as like i stated in certain areas i have no option but to pay for services and work with it , FlashRevolution is happy to take some of what he earns in burst but only some . But other services like servers and other coding work that is required they will only take fiat and in some cases BTC.

    Ok onto the subject of the 50,000 assets that i said are set aside into another account at the beginning of this , i propose that a account be set up were these 50k assets are sent and they will represent 5% of the total assets for BTCDragon casino, every week they will earn 5% of the payout, so to account for this instead of 20% held for advertising /promotion and so on only 15% will be held for that and the 5% this account earns every week will buy back assets and send them to the issuers account , as the issuers account doesn't earn anything from assets it issue's as i have done it , so over time it will use these funds to buy back assets and lock them away, these will be bought at whatever the current market price is until a certain point , then the 50k that are in that account will be moved back there so they dont earn anymore and will be kept there for future development when and if that happens ..

    I will set up a ANN thread on bitcointalk to announce the final decision that is made with all info there, but all Dividend statements and general talk about BTCDragon will be conducted here .

    Discord channel https://discord.gg/NeCvQQ8

    and yes i know this is a lot !!

  • I recommend this guys asset and great article @Bitdv

  • is there a banner i can use to help promote

  • I want a banner also, am in middle of a house move so i will start promoting again after I move into the new digs, on march 1st. I bought another few hundred and want to keep trying to grow it. I have been recommending it to many people in BURST CASINO..and as I can't gamble anymore because I keep losing, might as well buy casino asset lol.. BTCDRAGON is lovely.

  • Beautiful. Any way to buy at a discount?

  • @Stillicide said in ⚡ 🎲 🐉 BTCDragon Casino The Goals and Future!! 🐉 🎲 ⚡:

    is there a banner i can use to help promote

    alt text

    alt text

    alt text

    there are these 3 banners plus i have signiture codes for bitcointalk as well

  • @delords said in ⚡ 🎲 🐉 BTCDragon Casino The Goals and Future!! 🐉 🎲 ⚡:

    Beautiful. Any way to buy at a discount?

    As stated in the other thread they will be 100 Burst each or equivalant capped !!

  • Let me start off with; I think this project has been an incredible success and you and Flash are doing a great job.

    Here's my recommendations. For the 30K assets distributions I believe all of your listed possible benefactors are possible and worthy. I would tuck 10K away for site enhancement which could be an idea, a break/fix, a vulnerability or something else, dole them out slowly as needed. Option two covers such a good wide base you just have to figure out which ones are worthy and give each a little. I would hold some of the donation assets back as well because oyu never know when the next great cause will come along.

    I love your idea about having an account that slowly buys back it does two things at once that people don't realize 1) It increases the dividend for the remaining shares 2) Allows investors to get out when they want by being liquid AND take a profit! It's a complete win for everyone and also helps create a long term solution of closing out the asset because you are slowly collecting back over time, granted a VERY long time.

    You have made excellent decisions along the way and I expect this to continue. However lets talk about the 490,000 proposed shares to put on the market, more importantly why do you need an additional $50,000USD. BTCDragon to roll strong.


  • Ok with Asset releases , this is how i am going to do it after a lot of thought and talking to people ...

    in a few hours i am releasing 90,000 Assets plus my 10% so a total of 100,000 assets, this was the one i mentioned for the Burst bank roll , what i am going to do is only put a amount on the asset exchange around 50k this is solely for the bankroll reserve , the other 40k i am going to defer putting on the market as I would like to see if people would like to purchase these with other currencys, ok the prefered currencys will be

    • BTC Bitcoin
    • LTC Litecoin
    • XMR Monero
    • DOGE Dogecoin
    • ETH Ethereum
    • STRAT Stratis
    • GAME Gamecredits
    • DASH Dash (old darkcoin x11)
    • EXP Expanse

    Im not saying all these are going to be added to the platform, but it will give me a indication and of the ones that are selected will be the basis of the bank roll . Other coins will be considered but they must be traded on Bittrex or Poloneix, both preferably . these will be dealt with manually , so send me a message to sort out the trade.
    I will be posting these on both the bitcoin Talk threads .
    With the rest of the Assets these will be sold in dribs and drabs, like a couple of 1000 every few days depending on demand and also earnings thru the casino, as I have stated at all times my goal is to keep earnings to a minimum of 1 Burst dividend per asset per week, but i believe it will be higher, but I WILL NOT guarantee this as each day is its own day!!
    50,000 will be put aside into a account as a buy back each week, i am more than happy if someone else would like to manage this and each week send the assets bought back to BTCDragon issuing account, they will be compensated for there time , by me I will give them some assets for there own personal use, so think about it and if you would like to do this let me know.
    Ok the 30k of assets that are ear marked for me that i am going to do something with for the community, i will still send them to my account but am wanting ideas with what to do with them, so things that were suggested, donate some to the mobile mining pool to encourage and give them a boost ? open a pool and donate sum as a bonus for people mining there ? Help people , that need help? donate some to the faucets, i want to use them to promote, encourage and give to the community, new people that come in give them some to give them a kick start ? maybe.

    I will also post this on the other thread here so everyone gets a chance to read it , and i wont announce when the drib and drabs are sold so people dont stack the market , they will be sold at 100 Burst or equivelant in other currency that is agreed upon .

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  • @IceBurst Sorry i missed the last part of your post sorry for that "You have made excellent decisions along the way and I expect this to continue. However lets talk about the 490,000 proposed shares to put on the market, more importantly why do you need an additional $50,000USD. BTCDragon to roll strong."

    Ok This will be over a period of time, i wont be doing this in on lump sum, with the evolution of the casino , there will at all time be further development and this is a ongoing thing, new games, features, adding new currencys (bankrolls for coins outside of the moneypot system), each time we add a new coin we have to add basically a new section, some of it is duplicated but there are also liscenses for games, and also intergration of the said currency, with strandard coins like bitcoin/litecoin/dogecoin they are similiar, but when you add like ether/ even burst these need modifications to work within the system and Flash does spend a lot of time doing this and has his rate to do so, with adding other currencys i am not taking this lightly, i study and watch it, development, liquidity, the tech behind it, Im not just going to add every willy nilly coin out there, plus there is also the stuff that isnt noticed on the front end , we build out own provably fair backend to fit within our system.
    Plus we are always looking at security , that is a massive one for me, if you look at any big casino system out there , there not cheap, we are building this from the ground up, to make it unique and bring a new level to gaming within cryptos!!