Computer restarted while plotting 8TB hard drive

  • Hi everyone,

    Self introduction:
    I am new to the burst coin community, but have been lurking on bitcoin, ethereum and cryptocurrency telegram groups in Malaysia since late 2015. There has zero chatter in those chats about burstcoin so I'm looking around to meet more people 🙂 I want to get into burstcoin because I am interested in cryptocurrency and my little brother is rarely psyched over things and he was really keen in getting into burstcoin too so I want him to have a burst partner to learn and explore with. We ordered an 8TB hard drive to give it a try and we fixed up my old gaming rig and did some upgrades/updates (for gaming and burst mining purposes), so here we are.

    tl;dr Bolded words are the main points on what I have done and the status of my progress in solving the problem I have

    As mentioned in the title, my computer restarted while plotting my external hard drive (yesterday). It was at about 57% done when I checked last morning before I left for work. When I got back home in the evening I discovered the Windows Welcome screen on my screen so it was an "OH-FUCK." moment for me (I should have turn off my windows updates while plotting).

    What I did so far:
    So I googled for solutions to the problem.
    I downloaded PlotsChecker and ran it to do a check and it came out with an okay.
    Pic of plotschecker result

    Then I went ahead and open my Windows batch file in my "Burst" folder to try and run it as admin, but it told me I couldn't find H:\plots, but thing is I have my plots in my G file. So I went ahead and searched online and followed the instructions to change my drive from G drive to H drive. So now... My when I run my bat file now it shows that I have "not enough free space, reduce nonces"

    Pic of cmd prompt when running bat file

    So I'm seeking help from you guys because

    • If I can avoid reformatting and replotting my hard drive from scratch that would be nice because it takes about 10 days to plot an 8TB hard drive with 3 cores of my cpu
    • It's a way for me to learn more about computer processes and how to work around problems like these (hopefully someone else finds this thread helpful?)

    Thought I'll ask for help here and give it a few days before I turn off window updates to reformat and replot my drive. Lol...

    Thanks in advance for the help guys and I hope your week has been charming!

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    @zomgacrayon The only plotting software that can contain plotting after interruption, is xplotter, if you use ntfs (as far as i know). So just in case ...

    1. you used xplotter
    2. you have ntfs
      You should be able to just execute the RunThisAsAdmin.bat again, it plotting should contain. But not sure ... maybe try before delete 🙂

    I do not know what plotchecker exactly does to check plots ... @blago just compare filesize with filename? so it would not work for xplotter files?

    In general i suggest do not plot a whole drive, e.g. if i plot 8TB i do 4 plots of 2TB size, just too bad if your pc runns in a problem on 80% ...

  • Well your 8TB drive is an SMR drive so it's terrible for plotting, get like a 2TB Toshiba external drive and plot to that then just copy it over to your 8TB you will be able to plot about 2TB/day doing that

    Remember to change your start nonce for each plot with the next nonce I.e. let's say your plot is 4096000 (1TB) start nonce would be 0 for first plot the start nonce for your second plot would be 4096001 etc

  • When plotting such a large plot you are at mercy of mains conditions. My following advice is very deep and may disturb you.
    Firstly the exact same thing happened to me; with same size drive.
    I witnessed power line outage which caused the computer to reboot.
    Since then, I have installed a 1200 watt power supply in my replacement computer configuration. It can cope with intermittent power disruptions as not to reboot whilst plotting.
    Ideal option is to get an Uninterruptible Power Supply.
    I have also disabled spread spectrum CPU & hard disk feature in BIOS; this has only uses in apartments or where pacemakers are around and as hearsay can cause undesirable behavior of digital power meters and digital appliances due to the spectrum manipulation of encryption.
    I have a retarded 4 core CPU I set the plotter to 3 threads and i do no other activity on the computer until it is completed plotting.
    CPU and GPU do heat up and if your pc is 1 - 3 years old and or has been heavily engaged in crypto coins taking apart the CPU and GPU heat sink assemblies to clean off and re apply fresh heat sink compound can improve efficiency also avoiding thermal shutdown and perfect opportunity to vacuum dust out of the heat sinks.
    3rd party accessories exist to attach to hard drives to decrease heat build up for internal disks and prolonging disk spindle bearing life. All these suggestions are optional but i recommend a large Power Supply it has eliminated the issue you described in my experience. (but i think the neighborhood here uses a lot of air conditioning at off peak times)

  • Thanks @luxe @socal and @ZapbuzZ for the suggestions and advice.

    @luxe There is an xplotter file in my Burst folder but I do not ntfs:
    Burst folder

    @luxe @socal I have a couple of questions so I apologize if I sound like a total n00b (that's cause I am lol).

    Condition one, using a single desktop.

    1. Would the rate of mining be affected if I split my drive into two partitions? If yes, how would it be affected?

    Condition two, using two separate desktops with the same specs:

    1. Desktop 1: two hard drives 4TB each (8TB total), plot them both and started mining
      Desktop 2: one hard drive 8TB, plot it and started mining.
      Would there be a different rate of mining?

    What I know:
    Mining relies on the write speed of the hard drive and to a certain extent your cpu when it reads the plots.

    Thanks again for being patient guys!

  • @zomgacrayon you got it so it all comes down to the read speeds of the two 4TB drives and the read speed of the 8TB drive so the might be some difference but probably not more than a few seconds